David, do you ever reblade folders? - No.

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I have only tried it once. I rebladed a Spyderco Resilience with AEB-L at RC 63. It functioned correctly, but the lock geometry was a lot of work to dial in by hand and I know I didn't get it perfect, so I've hid it away in a tupperware container since. Because I get asked this periodically, I figured I should dust it off and show you you guys.

My experience with the Resilience has told me that liner locks are not something I am ready to offer yet, but back locks (including Triad locks) should be easy enough, because rather than file it in by hand, all I have to do is measure the lock geometry with calipers, input the data in CAD, and grind the blade once it's been waterjet cut. Other types of locks should be equally simple, such as Spyderco CBBLs, Axis locks. If you have a project in mind, please PM or email me the details and I'll let you know if I'm comfortable taking it on at this time.

Well now. Excellent! I have been thinking very heavily about getting one done. I will have to get more money for this next project from you after you finish the boning knife!
Do you have a place where you can get parts DLC coated? (screws, stop pins, pocket clip, spacers, maybe even the spring (I dont know if DLC process involves heat that might affect the spring))
I'm sure I could figure something out. It will be a while before I start getting into it, as I'll be focusing my attention on these fixed blade orders as the blanks arrive, and then assess my situation once I get those out to their owners. But I have very much been wanting to get into making folders also, and reblades are a step towards that.
I worked on this one off and on for a few months, just a little bit at a time, learning as I went. This was my first, and so far only attempt to create a new folding knife blade. Admittedly, this should be looked at as a "quick and dirty" version, because my main focus was to make sure that I could make everything fit and function. Finish was secondary concern at best. Customer versions will be better finished.

Spyderco Resilience, AEB-L reblade (new blade shape as well), 63 RC, custom G10 handle scales:


I measured and plotted the blade out in CAD, and then had Jarod plasma cut and heat treat it. It can admittedly be improved a bit from here, specifically with regard to the detent hole. I misplaced it by about a half a millimeter, which you can see in the detent action in the video below by how loose the blade is in close position:

Nevertheless, it doesn't poke out past the scales, so safety is not impeded. And f course, this will be corrected on the next run.

But with much of the learning curve behind me I and how it turned out for a first attempt, I believe I am almost ready to start offering this skill to the community. So I'm planning a small run of rebladed Resilience knives in AEB-L. Why Resiliences? Because I like the size, strength, and lock up of the Resilience. And also after doing this knife, I realize a few things: I could make a knife with a completely different blade and handle shape, including a smaller and yes even larger blade and handle, using the Spyderco liners and hardware as a base. How? I can mod the liners and make new scales to create a folder version of a partial tang knife, except it would be partial liners. So I could turn a 4 1/4" Resilience knife into a 6" bladed fighter, and simply cut the steel liners square and then make scales with white G10 liners that fill up the space where the steel liners are too short or narrow. And finally we will have mega folders that have both opening holes and tip down as an options (customers can specify their preferred clip hole placement, of course). I will make at least one of these for myself as a proof of concept, like I made the knife pictured here to prove to myself that I could actually rescale and reblade a liner locking folding knife. And you can bet my mega folder will be AEB-L at around 61 RC for that great balance of corrosion resistance and fine edge stability with great toughness.

Also, this saves me from having to invest further time into designing a "skeleton" for the knife, and figuring out hardware, etc. I am sure I will do this eventually, but for now, because I can make fully custom folders of any shape or size using the Resilience as a platform, I will. I'm sure Spyderco won't begrudge me the revenue if I buy half a dozen or a dozen folders.

BUT, this idea is in its infancy, and is a medium term project at best this point, so I can't say I expect anything will be built or ready (other than the knife above) until at least half a year down the road. That being said, the more interest there is in this from the community, then the faster things will likely get moving. So if you are interested in a David Mary Custom folder with cannibalized Spyderco guts, then get in touch via PM or email, and we'll talk about your own custom folder design. In the meantime, I will update this thread periodically with whatever I decide to come up with for myself, which will definitely include a mega folder, and also perhaps a re-visitation of the hitherto ill-fated Astrid.

Please remember the pics below represent a roughed out prototype, a customer version will have a better finished handle (just needs a bit more hand sanding) and also the aforementioned detent issue corrected. Also, handle available will include thick scales, thin scales, and any finish style I have done to date, including flat, contouring, any of the textured styles I have done, or contoured plus texture. Also note the opening hole is not an exact circle. This is to avoid conflicting with Spyderco's trademarked round hole. On subsequent models, this lack of perfect circularity will be made a little bit more obvious to remove possible doubt.

Thanks for looking!

Looks good from here.

Are your scales thicker and thus, is the handle wider?
The scales are thicker in the prototype, yes. The handle profile is not wider though. In fact the whole knife is a bit smaller than the Resilience, as I shortened the blade and handle, with the exception, again, of scale thickness.
Looking good David, knowing how you work and what you have done in the past, where do I sign to get in line?🤩
Martin, thank you for the vote of confidence. Feel free to start a new PM conversation with me outlining what you would like for your folder, in terms of blade shape, size, grind, and handle materials.
Nice. Ive already posted my plans (which were way more involved) so I will be looking forward to your progress.
Nothing to see here yet, except that I have selected these two knives to be my first foray into reblading Lock back knives. I was wondering which lockbacks to start with (I have sold all my lock backs except the Salt knives, which are not exactly user friendly to disassemble). I figure (on the advice of bikerector bikerector who suggested it) that the Ti Byrds are a great choice since their blades come in one steel only, the budget level 8Cr13MoV, making this a great value proposition. I will be acquiring one of each to reverse engineer ASAP. I think these knives would be extra awesome with different blades shapes available and materials such as AEB-L, LC200N, and MagnaCut. Prototypes will be AEB-L to start. Could be a while but, it's a plan for sure.
Didn't know exactly where to put this, but here goes. When Magna cut becomes more available, will you be doing reblades in this material ? Interested in a bugout and possibly a bailout reblade projects.
My reblades will be progressing at a fairly slow rate, because I have to first get the knife in question in my hands, take the blade out, photograph and measure it down to the fraction of a mm, plot it in CAD, then have it cut and heat treated, and hope when it arrives that I can make it fit and function in the handle. If someone wanted to send me their knives to be used for that purpose, then that will certainly expedite the likelihood of my using any given model for a reblade project. If this is of interest to you, I invite you to email me and we can discuss it in further detail.

Now to directly answer your question: I will happily make a MagnaCut blade for any knife that I know I can make fit and function in its handle.
Was just thinking, if anyone is not opposed to temporarily loaning one or both of these knives to me for this R&D project, then I will consider you paid up for one of the first working AEB-L prototypes of each knife you send me (I'll still ask for return shipping). You will be able to specify the Rockwell hardness you want for them as well. Expect the timeframe before returning the knife and new blade(s) to be upwards of 4-6 months. I'll be ordering my own as soon as funds permit anyway, but this would expedite the R&D timetable for this project, and get you a free replacement for your 8Cr13 blade. I'll go with whoever chimes in here first.
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