David Mary Multi-alloy run, CPM-3V, AEB-L, 15N20 - Open to ROFR orders

All blades are heat treated and in the Peters' Heat Treating shipping queue, except the Baraxes, which will processed and shipped separately later.
I have censored out the tracking number for security purposes, using state of the art encryption technology.

So I misinterpreted the email from Peters’. Today I received these:


Which means the 61 HRC AEB-L is still at the heat treater.

Getting organized to start on these ones as soon as I have one more of the year long awaited MagnaCut orders taken care of. The gentleman also has an ROFR order in as well, so I will be finishing that for him also so they can ship together. But I anticipate having at least one or two from this run finished by Friday in time for postal run as well.

Also it bears mentioning again that once the remaining MagnaCut blades arrive, there are still a handful of folks with deposits in who are awaiting those, which will mean they become the priority until they are finished. I am still awaiting the ship notification from Jarod on that.
In the meantime, the build order has not been precisely determined for the orders for this current multi alloy run. I suggest reaching out to me in private channels to discuss handle options asap, and the sooner I know what we’re doing with your knife, the sooner it will be scheduled for completion. Thanks everyone
Basically, hit me up with your material and color preferences, and we’ll dial it in from there. I have too many materials at this time to give a full run down.