David Mary's Little Lamb, the Bleater, and the Bloss

Here are the CAD files overlaid on the image I posted earlier. I calibrated the size to the bleater in the middle as a 3.75" blade length. As you can see, I had to go inside the lines a bit to make the Little Lamb 2.9" and outside them to make the Bloss 5.9".

Lamb bleater bloss overlay.jpg
Good morning friends. The CAD files for this prototype batch have been sent to the waterjet guys, and the sheet is on its way as well. As most of you know already, these protos will be in .225" 8670, so tough little lamb/sheep/ram.
Sorry I missed this thread earlier.
As a shepherd, I would think the natural names would be Little Lamb, Mama Ewe, and Papa Ram.
Sheep are highly water resistant, so you might consider stainless next time. AEB-L would be nice.
Not all sheep are white. They also come in black, gray, brown, piebald, and various other color patterns. White is favored by people who want to die the wool.
Mother and daughter: