Day at the Brickyard


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Apr 17, 2010
It's been tradition for my dad and I to go to the Brickyard 400 for the past 7 years, so I figured I'd share some pics. For those who have never been to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, it is HUGE, 2.5 miles around and the infield is so large that the golf course next door has a couple holes inside, and there is still a lot of empty room for trailers, camping, eating, etc.

So, let's start.
We arrived at 8:56 am, got to the S.M. tent 2 minutes later, and found the beer kegs tapped before 9 am :thumbup:

We spent an hour or so there, drinking beer and eating good barbecue, then decided to head towords the track.

On our way, we heard the sounds of tires screaching, so we checked it out and found these:

2011 Mustangs that were made for drifting :D

After a few minutes of watching, we made our way into the track and found our seats.

This gives you a sense of how large this place is, and that's only turn one and two :eek:
So, after dropping off the cooler at our seats, we headed into the infield to waste a little time.

We walked around the place, even managing to find a friend of mine who was giving out wine samples (not the best, but it was alcohol)

As the time towards the race ticked down, we walked back to our seats. When we got back, we sat down and a couple minutes later saw this:

Now, there's not beer in the trash can, or INFI, but a racoon. Apparently a coon climbed up the stands (which are TALL) and couldn't get down. So, animal control came and got the little guy before he fell.

Now, to something race related. Here's a pic of the fly over after the national anthem,
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And then the call came out: Gentlemen, start your engines!

Pace Car

And we didn't get far until the first caution: lap 1.

And a pic of some more racing

Overall, it was a good race, a lot better than the past two years. And a certain person crashing at lap 146 (only 160 laps in the race) made me and a lot of the people I was around very happy.

So, this is for the people who love NASCAR, the 500, or have never been to the Speedway and always wanted to go. So enjoy.
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Hi M67 -

Very nice pictures.

I used to ride my motorcycle over every year for the time trials - we would get on the infield and stay in the snake-pit mostly (inside turn one).

I quit going when the leagues split up.

Thanks for the pictures - they brought back some memories.

best regards -

That is a good day! Watching one of these races on TV does not do it justice. Everyone should hit at least one NASCAR race in life if the opportunity presents itself.
I went the first year at the Chicagoland Speedway and was quite the experience.
Best show on earth!
I used to race cars, so I have a interest in racing. I've been to many different types of races over the years, which include two NASCAR races, The (old) Die Hard 500 at Talladega and at Las Vegas, both were a lot of fun.
Screw Montoya!! Took out my boy Junior!!! Over 200 mph. in those clumsy sleds!!!