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DC Knife shows

Feb 13, 1999
Hey everyone,
does anyone know of a Knife Show that will be happening in DC or Northern Virginia? Or a place that i can find out. I live right near the "capital expo center" so if there is one there, that would kick @$$. Is there a site that has info on knife shows or do you just have to telepathically know?
Try going to some gun shows. Alot of times, they're gun and knife shows. Stay away from the antique gun shows or other specialized/odd gun shows, just go to the big mainstream ones. You can get an idea of how big the show is by the number of tables that are going to be there. This is usually advertised in the flyers.

Talk to people at gun stores to find out when the shows are in your area. Chances are that every "center" has at least one show each year. Also, when you go, there is usually a table as you go in that has stacks of flyers for other similar shows (sometimes pure knife shows!) in the same area/region.

I second the gun show idea. They are usually hit or miss when it comes ot knives but you can occassionally get some good deals. Silverado puts on some good shows in the metro Washington area. Check the Washington Times classified section. They have a listing for guns and rifles and will usually list upcoming shows in the Wensday, Thursday or Friday editions. There is a great show in December every year in Timonium near Baltimore. Its not huge but it is all QUALITY! Start saving your pennies now because you can't buy just one!