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Jul 17, 1999
As a new forumite I would like to say a BIG thank you to site owner+ moderators + people exchanging information. absolutely mind blowing stuff! My addiction has been sanctioned. Now the business problem. I live in Noo Zeeland & have found the knife of my dreams on the Forum (lucky me) I wish to pay by credit card -it is a private deal,it's conveniate & FAST,however seller doesn't have c/card facilities (as per most citizens) 1/if I pay how do I secure the deal ?-PLEASE no offence to seller as I don,t even know the guy, which is of course the problem. proposed solution--how about Mike Turber acting as a clearing house,checking goods are as described,clearing personal cheques,& c/cards ?--This the cool part - the buyer & seller each give a percentage to the HOUSE which is Blade Forum. this would help to finance running Forum by active traders EVERYBODY wins ! I for one would never had the chance to hold my dream machine without Forum. just a thought.He who dies with the most toys wins. W
Hello Kiwi!

By the way, nice handle, since you're from New Zealand..

Anyway, about that knife of your dreams. Why not look around for other dealers who may also carry that brand/model, AND handle credit cards as well? That's how I buy my knives anyway, and I haven't had ANY problems with most of the dealers around. All of them are great, honest, and trustworthy.

I live in the Philippines, so basically I'm on the same boat as you are. If you need a list of dealers whom I've dealt with already, you can just email me or something. Otherwise, you can visit the forum entitled "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly" to check out the dealers ratings before purchasing anything.

Good luck! and WELCOME to Bladeforums!

Ask your seller to check with his bank. Many American banks will process credit card transactions for their customers for a small transaction fee.

You may also be able to wire-transfer the money to your seller. Your seller will have to get the routing numbers from his bank and then you'll have to go to your bank and arrange the transfer. Your bank will probably charge a small fee. If you're a good customer, they may reduce that fee quite a bit, but they probably won't do it for free since they have to pay the wire service some fee. Your seller's bank may also charge a small fee for receiving the transfer. If your seller is a good customer, his bank will probably wave this fee.

American Express can handle an international wire for you too. Am Ex's fee's might be less than the banks.

I don't know if they go to New Zeeland, but Western Union does some international business.

My guess is that Federal Express goes to New Zeeland probably with a two-day service. You can get a cashier's check from your bank and Fed Ex it to your seller. A larger bank in New Zeeland should be able to draw that check in US Dollars. When your seller arrives at the bank with a cashier's check from New Zeeland, his bank may need a few minutes to verify it. But, ultimately, it shouldn't be a problem.

I think what Kiwi is getting at here is a mutual thrid party that can be viewed as trustworthy. Not that the member in question is not trustworthy.

I guess we could act as a fullfillment center for these types of transactions for a modest fee.

Here is the only way I would do it. The deal would have to be consumated between the two parties. Then the package would be shipped to us with all postage and paper work filled out. Once we receive the item the seller would contact the buyer and tell them we have it. At that time the buyer would wire transfer the funds to our account with a fee included. We would then cut the seller a check and drop the package in the mail to the buyer.

Let me think on this though for a couple days.

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Mike Turber
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Hi, thanks heaps for the feedback guys.appreciated.unfortunately the seller has backed out of deal as he feels is too complicated.darn shame.toy box won't be getting a new addition! yes, I do deal deal direct with dealers/distributors (James Mattis & Mike Turber have been great) I have my own Out door shop (BIG boys toys)which is o.k. for dealing with Pros but what if I want to do a private deal with a collector/fellow fiend ? mayebe others have not had hassles (hopefully not) but it could turn to custard real fast & with a months salary on the edge, it would be great to have a safety net. paranoid ? no,just don,t need the stress.thanks for your time everyone.great forum, nice to know there a others out there who appreciate good tools. W

Sounds more like a consignment arangement to me.

KIWI had asked for confirmation that the goods had been accurately described. Also, the arrangement you descirbed above would add considerable delay, and would set you up as the shipper of record (with all concurrent responsibilities.)

It might be simpler to offer an on-line consignment shop, complete with appropriate inventory controls, marketing page, sales guarantees, and user fees.
Kiwi . . . another "international" here, this time from South Africa. You can use MasterCard, electronic money transfer, or even a bank cheque to close a deal from outside the USA. Personally, if I can't do it with a card I look for another dealer. The other two options add on excessive costs to the purchase (over and above an already hefty postage bill) . . . and this would be my concern about using a "middle man" as suggested . . . it just adds more to the ultimate cost. For individual knife purchases I'd rather deal directly with the seller/dealer, take my chances, and if things go really bad, put my case out here on the Forums.

Regards, HILTON