Deals for 1/4 -- Pix and Four Beauties

Yup...looks almost identical...

Nice Eric!
The sale haunting me is the Cherokee Rose of yesterday. I'm not sure we had enough time to realize how magnificant and unique that blade was.
The photography was artistic, Yangdu's usual, but that blade was beyond photos.
It was an exquisite event. The blade was more than form or finite metal.

Anyway, I'm glad to see 'um, glad to watch them go to good homes.
If I were God I might want them all, but if I were God, wouldn't think like that. A Sarge knife is probably what God carries.

Good stuff, this HI forum land. Good people and good blades.

september 13, 2006 dotd. i had been kickin myself ever since i let that one go. when i saw yesterday's i didn't even notice the rusty. i had the email written and everything for the rose, something told me i was makin a mistake and to double check the thread. then i saw the sgian dubh i had been waiting for, adjusted the email, and it's on its way.

it was a magnificent piece and a great price, just wasn't rubbin me the right way. seems to have cured me of my regrets of the 9-13 model too.
It's gotta be right. Even though my breath was taken away by yesterday's Rose, ( you like that poetry?) I knew it was not for me.