deals for 1-6-3. Pix and giveaways.

Mar 5, 1999
Pardon the rotten pix. Between the sagging performance of my junker DC and my own ineptitude this is what we got.

top -- 30 and maybe a half inch and 41 ounces of perfect Kobra by Sher. Excellently executed. Beautiful glow in the dark saatisal handle and famous Sher "almost convex" edge. Fine karda, chakma and typical top notch village sarkis scabbard. Sword people who know about such things tell me this sword (remember it's not for splitting logs) is worth $300. It's yours today for $125 and is a UBBB.

no 2 -- 21 inch 25 ounce Kobra by Sanu. Typical work by Sanu and village sarkis. Excellent karda and chakma. This may become a collector item because Sanu is no longer with us. He may have gone back to help his Dad make scissors. If there's a chance Sanu can get part of Dad's business it's a smart move on his part. Dad is one of the most successful kamis in Nepal. Sanu's problem is he's not the oldest son. Take this excellent collector model for $75.

no 3 -- Almost 19 inches and two pounds of super AK by Kumar. It's 10/10 work by Kumar and village sarki. Not a thing wrong with this rig. Delivered to your door for $125.

bottom -- Dead on spec 16.5" 1.5 pound WWII by the whiz kid, Shanker. Beautifully done horn handle and famous Sher edge. Hell of a rig. Take it home for $75.

Email or call to get any or all of these winners. Take all 4 in the same box for $350.


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for those of us with few craft skills, each time we see such work it impresses all over again.

Hope things work out well for Sanu.
Ah, well. I guess I have enough kuks, for now, anyway...:rolleyes:

(but, if you change your mind, matt...)
Congrats on the new blade. I know you are going to love it. Just be safe with it. I don't have any idea how much you have been around Khuks but, they can be very dangerous till you get used to them. Even then a bit of care should be used. Enjoy!!:) :D
matt - welcome to the cantina.

Put this AK to work and give us a report.

Sanu is gone!?!?! I thot he was in line for Bura's position. I guess my Sanu Villager, Sanu YCS and Sanu Falcatta shall become all the more rare...He's one of my fave kamis, next to Sher.

Read on as the Kami Drama unfolds!