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Debut: Hossom's Millenium Stinger

Jan 31, 1999
Okay, this one is not in the hand yet. It's on it's way to Matt Draper for a sheath first. But I am EXCITED!

After receiving Jerry's Millenium Bowie in CPM 3v, I wanted a matching carry blade. Jerry had some smaller FB's that I was interested in but I wanted some modifications: a rounded pommel instead of sharp, and a small sharpened top right at the tip for a backcut and a sharper point. Well, here's the result -- the Millenium Stinger:


Based on the Millenium Bowie I got from Jerry, I know this handle is going to fit like a good glove and the blade will cut like a laser. What I really want to test is how this top edge will work compared to a double edge blade. The only double edge I currently own is a Gerber Applegate Covert with the top swedge sharpened. This blade, however, is a little over 1" shorter than the Stinger. Nevertheless, upcoming is a review of the Stinger vs. double edged Covert.

Stay tuned,


AKTI #A000356

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Oooohhh. Aaaahhh. Mmmmm.

Sing, that is one sweet looking little knife you got yourself there. And it's about an inch longer than the Covert? With a double edge? Plus it's made out of CPM-3V??

Whew! You truly are a lucky man, sing. Can't wait for the review.
Was that in regards to it being one of the Taiwanese knock offs??

Looks like the real thing to me!! Another hot looking Hossom fighter.....It's beyond the point of wanting to hit the Fl lotto, now I NEED to


Talonite, new pics, knives in stock!


Thanks for doing that.

Okay, Tom, you piqued my interest...


AKTI #A000356

That Stinger looks hot! You lucky So and So. I'm just dying with anticipation to get mine. Jerry is making me a small CPM-3V fighter with the same handle design as yours and sharpened false edge as well. It'll be fun to compare notes. I have the feeling that these bad boys are going to ROCK!



Tuvo muy mala suerte...se callo en mi cuchillo.

Well, Tom, I not sure it can fall in any of the three categories since I paid for the knife.
Now, if that top edge does not do quite what I want it to do, then I'll have to give feedback to Jerry and commission another one.

Either way, Jerry wins. He is got a steady customer who is willing to work with him on an idea.


AKTI #A000356