Deck the halls with damascus bowies...

Feb 28, 2002
I can’t ever seem to take a decent group shot of my knives, and this one is no exception:


One thing this picture does accomplish well is to demonstrate positional distortion. Consider that:

1) The Donald Lange and Steve Filicietti bowies are almost exactly the same size, though the Filicietti, being closest to the camera, appears substantially larger than the Lange, which is furthest away;

2) The Bailey Bradshaw knife is quite a bit larger than the Ed Caffrey, though it appears a touch smaller in the photo.

3) Perhaps the only two knives that appear accurate in terms of their comparative size are the Mike Williams and Bradshaw bowies, which are in fact very nearly the same size.

Anyway, a happy and safe holiday season to all!

That is an outstanding collection of Bowies, and I don't care what you say, I think you did a great job on photographing them. I think most people understand perspective and although you could correct a lot of it in Photoshop I wouldn't touch it.
Sorry Roger - I think that is an excellent photo, and I really can't accept what you say regarding perspective ...... The only way to resolve it is to send them all to me and I will measure them :D

PS; Roger ... When are you going to let that gorgeous Filicietti of yours come and join her very lonely cousin ...... just look how dull she looks on her own ...


Don't mean to hijack the thread, but I think we should turn this into a beauty pageant for damascus bowies :D :p ... go on post a centre fold of your Filicietti again :eek: :eek:
Sure Stephen, I take requests - for posting pics anyway. ;)

Here's the centerfold:


Do keep in mind that there's another way to reunite these Filicietti cousins :p .

And heck yeah - the more damscus bowies posted here the better - bring 'em on guys!

That is what I like to refer to as....

I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy.
amazing... all are stunning, and i appreciate little things about each.... but i gotta say i want that Williams!