Decorated Sebenzas

Jan 19, 1999
Can any of you nice folks point me to where I can see pictures of the various designs that have been used on the Decorated Sebenzas? I'm taking the plunge and ordering one and would like to see what patterns they have used in the past.

Muchas gracias amigos!

Chris Canis
See the "Dealers" area on the links page. Check out Arizona Custom Knives and RP Sports, they usually both have some pics to see. This is something I wish CR Knives would put on thier area just to show different patterns they have produced through the years...Good Luck
Here is a look at mine

I think they don't put pictures up because they don't want people to call them up and ask for a particular design. I think they just like to make whatever the muse inspires. The "Fly" series is an exception.

The decorated models are all done freehand so, no two are exactly alike. When I spoke with CRK last about these, they said I could order a general pattern like "circles", "ribbons", ect. but not a specific one. You are right, that because of this, they don't advertise specific models much since they do not want people ordering expecting that exact knife - they can and do come close but, they are still not exactly the same as any picture.

CRK dealer
James, I think you got the one I wanted. How 'bout I send you postage so you can send it to me? LOL

Do you know meaning of the design, or was it random?
Axel has a good eye, it also reminds me of the CR logo.

When I ordered a small decorated from CRK I sent them this image of my large. I asked Anne for something with a similar color scheme and pattern, and she said that would not be a problem. I don't think they do any kind of exact match unless they are making a set, like the fly's or Arizona Customs design, but they seem very willing to go with a general theme.

I like this kind of circles and lines design over the ribbon type I have seen, and when I saw this one I just had to have it. Sorry, Codeman, she's a keeper.

I am sure anyone with a decorated model in stock would be willing to send you an image, so keep looking until you find one you like.

Thanks for the info guys! I like all of the patterns so much, I can't choose one. I am just going to order a decorated one and see what I get! Now I just have to put up with the wait!

Thanks again,

I have a couple of the large decorated Sebenzas in stock as well as a fly model and some small ones too.

I would put pictures of them up here but I don't know how to get them into this *&%#@&* computer.


Isn't it amazing how 2 cents worth of opinion takes up a quarter's worth of paper???

Everytime I see a decorated sebenza the designs have been great. Chris please post a picture when you get it.

James, your decorated is especially nice.


p.s. it was good to meet you at the blade show sid.

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Hey James..thats a very cool back yesterday, carried 170 alot!CRK's ats is one of the best I've ever used, he really knows his steel!!Hold a hek of an edge.Does CRK do after the fact designs?
Again that is a beauty? Better hold on to that one
Thanx again for all your help before I left!!..bart
Bartman, welcome home, I hope you had a great time on vacation. I don't think CRK does After-release handle designs, so it sounds like you might have to polish it up yourself
I'm glad to hear that the #170 is working out, she deserves to be used. Let us know if you send the big one in for serrations.

You know something? It's only been 3 days or so since I place my order with Sid Post for a Decorated Sebenza, and it already feels like an eternity! The only consolation is that Rob Simonich has my knife on the way to me this week!

Good Lord give me the strength to wait for 3 months without going looney!

Chris Canis
I wish I could put it in your hands faster. But, it gives you something to look forward too

If anyone has a "Gold Coin" decorated sebenza that they are able to post I'm sure lots of individuals would love to drool over them. They've got to be the best looking period! Lots of people are not even aware that there are approximately 12 of them made every year.