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Discussion in 'Camillus Collector's Forum' started by longbow, Jan 17, 1999.

  1. longbow

    longbow Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 9, 1999
    Hi Phil. Just last week(thurs) recieved via Discount knives my new CUDA spear point plain blade. Is there any way to dehorn the sharp edges on the knife. Specifially the liners and the very first tip most thumb traction serration on the top of the blade. That is speaking of the first cut in serration nearest the point. Also I would like to have milled into the top of the spine a thumb disk just as a back up for opening the blade. Your comments are appreciated. I have some ideas concerning this very fine knife that may or may not be useful to you. Just some observations from carrying it a few very short days. thanks and keep'em sharp.
  2. Mike Turber

    Mike Turber

    Oct 2, 1998
    Well I had a bur on a Benchmade one time on the liner and the thumb ramp. The knife was an Emerson 975. I took a fine grit sandpaper and rubbed it down. Worked great for me.

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  3. Phil Gibbs

    Phil Gibbs Cutlery Student Platinum Member

    Nov 11, 1998
    Hi Longbow,
    We have addressed the sharp edge at the thumb ramp on the blade by filleting the radius in the lazer program & subsquent polishing.
    I am not sure about the sharp liners though. It is possible the G10 handles were overblasted & the liners are protruding past the G10. If this is the case, then please return the knife to my attention & I will personally replace the G10 & install an updated blade for you.
    Regarding the thumb disc, I have read a few posts on this topic. Although I understand the logic behind the request, I think it would be an unlikely addition to the line as it would significantly incraese the cost.
  4. longbow

    longbow Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 9, 1999
    Hi Phil I may take you up on your offer. I appreciate you taking the time to look at the knife. I do see some areas on the handle slabs that the scales definetly stick out. I am not positive if the little traction serrations on the liners should be should be sticking out the way the are either. The serrations are sticking out past the slabs as I hold the knife side ways to look at them.I am also having a devil of a time getting the blade to sharpen up correctly. I went to a 20 deg bevel on the Lansky Diamond system I use to even out the bevels. Did the job well to where they are almost even. A slight difference in the bevels along the cantle but may or may not be of any concern. The knife slices like the devil but has a hard time shaving hair. I also noticed a highliting effect along the edge I assumed from sharpening at the factory after the blade was bead blasted. Least ways I am assuming the blade is bead blasted first and then sharpened. In the paper work with the knife the sharpening instuctions say a bevel of 10-15 deg's. Started to do that but just thought it was to shallow so went with the 20 deg. bevel. I am not really sure how the ATS-34 steel should sharpen up really. The only experience I have with it was with a Micro Tech. Seems it sharpened up really well. Anyways i will address the knife to you and hopefully get it out within the next few days. thanks for your consideration in this matter.



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