Dec 13, 2011
well, that's a tough call. This DEK1 thread only got about 170,000 views over 75 pages and 3.5 years, so from a marketing standpoint it may not be worth the effort ;) Seriously, though- it's hard to know if this thread has contributed to the popularity of DEK1, leading to more sales, or not. It's kind of a Schrodinger's conundrum, in a certain sense.

my question to you all would be; has this thread influenced your purchase of your DEK1s? Or would you have bought one as soon as you found out they were available, regardless?

do you guys want a DEK2 thread?

Theads like these where the friday sale nuts can show off, followed by a preorder I can non-stressfully get into (if I want one) are what sell for me.

User pix tend to show things in their element, different views, discussion, etc. If i don't like it, the thread won't change my mind. But they have moved me from "that looks cool" to "that looks like something I'll spend $ on."

The boot dagger, for example. I'd never have bought that (not useful for me at all). But daggers do show off what a shop can do, and they are wicked cool.


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Aug 31, 2010
As long as someone has an interest I think the thread builds hype and interest which increases sales. I have no interest in the Kephart so a thread makes no difference to me.

The knife also has to deliver, which it did. If the knife doesn’t deliver then the pre-order will reflect that because of the “real world” reviews will steer people away. I don’t see that being a concern for anyone. Your designs are amazing and coupled with Nathan’s skill every knife comes out as advertised or better. Unlike many manufacturers Nathan under promises and over delivers.

I think a better question is to ask Nathan if he only wants to sell a lot of DEK2s or a shit ton.

Tree Herder V

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Apr 18, 2007
DEK2 - that sounds interesting! My suggestion would be the same handle as in DEK1 plus an 1"-1.5" longer blade with a bit stronger tip - but as pointy as on DEK1. But to tell the truth - whatever the DEK2 will be like - I'm in. :)
And in the meanwhile:
DEK1 during a winter's woods walk.



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Mar 20, 2016
I had this silly idea that it would go by pre order placement. Probably a lot more to think about logistically for the CPK team than who got their pre order in early.

Heavily depends on the chosen options; for instance orders with satin grind, wood handles, swedge and the penetrative tip take longer to process and fulfill than the orders with less frills. With so many options offered on the DEK1 preorders, the fulfillment will be a bit out of phase. I’m seeing some fancier ones with ECAM handles and swedge popping up in the photos but there were also a plethora of more heavily customized preorders. Nathan had originally said about one year time scale from start to finish and he recently stated that CPK is currently ahead of the said schedule.