Del Tin vs CAS Iberia


Dec 16, 1998
Ok folks, I had understood that the CAS Iberia pieces made by Paul Chin were superior to the Del Tin equivalent pieces. Now a pal of mine that "lives" on the net has started to babble about the "great" Del Tin swords being a step up from the CAS pieces. What's changed? When did Del Tin become better than the Paul Chin CAS swords or is my pal mistaken?
Hmmm I guess it depends on which swords you are talking about perhaps? In general I would say that Del Tin swords are more attractive and better made then most CAS(non Hanwei) models. I would also say that in general Del Tin swords are more attractive and more well made then the "practical" (Hanwei) series of swords. I would not be completely confident in saying that Del Tin swords were superior to the more expensive Hanwei models since I have not seen many of them.
Well Cas Iberia is just a Dealer.
Paul Chen is the owner of the Hanwei forge, however he doesnt make any of the swords there.

Ive heard people say that the Hanwei stuff is ok. Of the del Tins ive handled I can say that most felt rather nice. Im not too experienced in euro swords but they felt like good swords for the money to me.