DeLeon Model B Prototype?

Mar 7, 2016
I have a Deleon model B fighter which I would like to find out more on. The knife does not match the specs of production knives of this model.
Overall dimensions are the same as the production model, but design of the handle and handle material are different. Also the stamp on the blade is different, with "Deleon" stamped on one side of the blade, and "B" stamped on the opposite side. The fittings on this knife are brass, and the handle material is walnut with red spacers. The handle is secured with 5 pins instead of the normal 8 found on the production knives I've found.
If anyone has an idea of where to find more info on this knife it would be appreciated. The knife was a part of an estate sale of Randall and Case knives that I arranged last summer. The family I brokered the sale for gave me the knife as a partial payment for arranging the sale.
Any info on collectability or date of manufacture would be appreciated.
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