Deleting a post?

Sep 15, 1999
Hey Spark,
I posted on the Exchange (Knife Maker's Corner-Folders For Sale). Anyway, I was attempting to attach a jpeg of the knife. The software was grinding on and on so I aborted the post. I tried again a short time later and same thing. And again same results.I uploaded my jpegs to my site server and posted the knife for sale.
I didn't realize the text from the first attempts went thru and posted. Now I've got posts everywhere!! I went into edit and tried to use the delete feature, no go. If I can't delete the post
"Davidson Legacy 3.0" can you do it. I've asked for Moderator help, but they must be alseep.
I appreciate any help you can offer and I'll try not to be such a dumb butt next time.


Did you report it to a moderator using the bottom right "Report this post to a moderator"?

I did not receive a message.
Thanks Rick....I didn't know about a button so I posted a "Moderator Help" post in the exchange.
Now I learned something new today and I appreciate the lesson.:)
ps forgive my "moderators must be asleep" comment.
no offence intended. larryd

Hell, there's the "report it to a moderator" link,
who'd a thunk it?? :eek: