Delivery Time From Europe?

Jul 17, 1999
On August 21, I ordered a knife from Toolshop in Berlin ( anyone who has traded with them give me an idea of when I should look for it?

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Did you recieve an enail order ocnfirmation form them?

I ordered a Nite Ize accessory from them a couple of weeks ago and it arrived airmail two days later, but of cource I am over in England and I do not know what they use for international shipping

I am busy waiting for my Spyderco Sharpmaker to arrive, Stefan said they were comig in to stock with them on friday and would ship out same day.

I would drop them a mail to chase your knife up.

Harvey Wareham

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According to Toolshop approximate shipping times, air mail is 10-21 days, surface mail is up to 2 months. Please let me know when you get your knife, I really like that new Boker heckler & koch knife, If you have no problem with there service, maybe I'll sent in my order. Thanks
Took Bagman's advice and Emailed Toolshop,who answered promptly.Thay said that the knife had been backordered almost two weeks,but had then been shipped with an ETA of 10 days.It arrived yesterday afternoon, on the 11th day.Based upon my experience,I will not hesitate to do business with them again.They seem to be straightforward business people.(Plus, it's kind of a kick to trade directly with a European firm)

"To grow older is inevitable.To grow UP is optional."

I ship knives from Berlin to the USA pretty often, and the delivery time is usually just about 10-16 days give or take for airmail packages shipped "economy."

UPS, FEd Ex, TNT and all the rest of the private carrier REFUSE to pick up any shipment containing "knives, cutting tools, cutlery, sharp stuff, etc" for shipment from Within Europe. Yes I know they ship knives and guns from pikeup points in the USA everyday of the week. But not from pickup points within Europe.

I mean they won't even come around and talk about it they just say on the phone "No." And I've talked to "the Boss" and whatever. Same story. And of course you can label the package as "women's underwear" but if the customs man opens it to see if it's his wife's size - or his ... wink wink - then you gots a problem.

But kniock wood, the German Post has never lost or damaged any knife I've shipped.