Dennis DesJardins knives

Jul 23, 2010
Good morning to all. I have several of Dennis DesJardins' knives that I purchased in the mid 1990's. Can anyone help me determine the current value of these knives? Thanks.
Dennis DesJardins was a very fine knifemaker/sheathmaker and a colorful personality in the custom knife community. He died in 2003. Unfortunately, Dennis' notoriety and desire for his knives has faded a bit over the last 7 years, however Daniel O'Malley ( probably sold more of his knives than anyone and most likely still has a following for his work. I would contact him for current values.,+Dennis

Hope this helps.


I'm his granddaughter. His family was denied the opportunity by his wife at that time to purchase any of his knives or aquire any. We have almost nothing left of him and I am one of only three surviving grandchildren. Please contact me if you are willing to part with any of his knives even if we have to purchase them.