Denver Blizzard

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Jul 27, 2003
I HAD to forward this on! Unbelievable - - however, it's nice to know that there ARE people left in the world that actually do what is expected of us and don't blame the government and/or expect the government to 'fix' their problems!!! Thank you, Denver people, for putting belief back into the human race!

Happy New Year everyone!

Subject: FW: Fw: Weather Bulletin DENVER

Nothing to see here. Move along please.

If Denver is really boasting about being able to handle a snowstorm without Federal disaster relief, Denver must be the most pathetic city in the world.
Oh jeez, another copy/paste forwarded email! How special! My day is complete! :rolleyes:

I love it when a very simple rule goes unread. Makes my decision to lock or move it a whole lot easier. Survey says.....LOCK IT!!!

From "The Don't Do it List" in the Community Forum Rules & Guidelines. said:
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