Describe yourself in two words or less

Nov 20, 2000
Of course I am a "Sebenzanista"", 'cause Se-ben-za's rule.

But I do have my third LCC coming, so I might also be called an "LCC Cowboy".

Also, being as I recently aacquired a Sharpmaker, and after sharpening my 4 blade Boker that I've had for years and started carrying again I might also be a "Boker Bozo".
But I am not a "Knifenut", because although I bought my first folder from funds made shining shoes when I was about 8 yrs old, and I have been interested all the many years, at any time I could give away my collection, and stop looking at them in stores and flea markets and garage sales, and drop Bladefourms cold turkey. "Yeah,,Right"

Maybe the best description is what appears when I am in a Barber shop or elsewhere and these oldtimers around here when they find out I am interested in knives, say "Look at the Case I have." This immediately earns them a "Stupid Look"

So, how about you?


Now you "Case Cajones" (sp?) don't get upset and consider this a flame, just never was enamored with Case
sexual devia... oh, you mean two words that are knife related! i see 16 year old son, Ian, just said "Never Dull". this is true on several levels
it is quite appropriate, i suppose, because i do somewhat pride myself on my blades always having a keen edge.

OR: per vert,
OR: in sane


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Spyder-man, Spyderman, friendly neighbourhood Spyder-man!

or maybe

Jiminy CRicKeT! (CRKT)

or maybe

HAWG Wild!

or maybe

BUCKaroo Bonzai! LOL

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Just two words, eh? That means you've got to stick to basics, what's really important. Ok:

Christian Man.

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Two words to describe ME?

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I'm dun fer now

Alpha Male.

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