Desert Ironwood

Mar 13, 2001
Is it common to uncover small cracks that couldn't be seen in Desert Ironwood, until grinding and sanding scales made from it?
Yep, I get them too...use super glue to fill em in...just squirt a glob on the crack/pinhole/etc and sand it in with whatever grit you are using at the moment. If I discover a crack @ 120 grit then I fill in and sand in with 120, continuing on down to the grit I finish with. The only thing I don't like is when the crack is on dark colored ironwood, as usually the sawdust/superglue mixture is lighter colored than the surrounding wood, but it really is not that big a deal. The end result is usually un-noticeable.

Good Luck,

Hank Hammond
Yes, quite common. It's also fairly common to get large voids in it as you grind it down.

Just fill them with super glue, or gap zapper, etc., and sand on. It's done all the time.

Make sure you wear a respirator when you work that stuff, it's quite toxic, and can cause fungal infections of the lungs that can invalidate your oxygen breathing permit.;)

It has strong enough pesticides in it, naturally, to put Ortho to shame.:eek:
Thanks for the info. Mike, I knew it was toxic, but I didn't know it is that bad.
Sounds like it could be used as a pesticide also. This is only my third set of scales to use and had not experienced the cracks in the other two.