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Desert Jack

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Nov 8, 2005
I hate doing this, and I will regret to see it go, but sacrifices must be made.

I have one Swamp Rat Desert Jack with Kydex Sheath. It has been sharpened and has no signs of use.....a small scuff from being sheathed....damned kydex.

Special Release from the Swamp, a small military overrun 3/16th thick for you skinnies out there, 6" blade, 11.5 overall

260 gets it shipped insured to your door. MO, Paypal with 2.9%, Personal Check..if I know you. Trades welcome, looking for users....Active Duty, Leaner, BAIII GONE
ooooooooohhh... i like you not, my friend. that is a gorgeous blade!
As an extra Bonus...I will throw in a copy of Gunther's album Pleasure Man!!:D
For those who don't have or have never held this blade--I DO have one and it is a great blade. Like Jason said, it's a thinner blade, but it has SRKWs warranty behind it. I haven't broken mine yet and these don't come up very often, so get it while it's hot!!!
I will make you a copy:D ...original goes with the sale! PM me your address:thumbup:
Oh, you touch my Desert Jack, mmm my favorite Rat.

The Desert Jack is sweet. Condition as described, fast shipping.

Thank you Gravelface.
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