Designed a "special" knife, but I can't make it.

May 25, 1999
Hi All, I've designed a simple fixed blade knife for my special needs. Am looking for a bladesmith that knows steel and what would be best for this "type" of knife. If the maker lives in Canada it would be easer, cause of the $$ exchange rate. Best description I can think of, the handle is in the shape of a push-dagger, but the blade fans out like an old battle ax shape. I've made the Cad drawing into a Jpeg so I can e-mail the plans, for a estamate on price. Any recommends on knife makers. Thanks, John
Imp, Sort of, but different. Ulu's that I've seen you can't grip like this one I've drawn.
I've combined styles to fit the need.
Harald Moeller would be my choice. He is in Canada, and he crafted the infamous 'Outsider' for Jim 'Sasquatch' March. I have seen the Outsider, and it is one scary knife. Extremely well made, and with complex curves.

Hope this helps. Walt
Walt's right. Harald is excellent at "making your idea better without dominating the design process". I canNOT say enough good things about him.

And this was MY result:

EMail me your pics, I'll be glad to put 'em on my website and give you the URL so you can post 'em here.

Jim March
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Keep in mind that push daggers are prohibited in Canada and most makers that I know will not make them. This is another of Mr Allan Rock's legislative changes during his term as minister of justice.

The wording specifies that knives with the handle set at right angles to the line of the blade are so designated except for the traditional Eskimo ulu which is legal.

Good luck with your search.