Devil's finger-

Apr 24, 2000
First I carved the pendant out of Corian for a friend, and then thought it might look good in steel. It's supposed to look like finger bones with a claw. How'd I do?


Nice work.

I'll bet it's fun around your place on Halloween!!! ;)

Too cool.

Do you sell them? What other kind of pendants do you make?
Very cool. It never ceases to amaze me how many forms a knife can take....

Cool knife! A nice sheath on a chain and that would make a neat neck knife. What kind of steel is it?
Thanks for the kind words! This is done in O-1 steel, 1/8" stock, 5 1/4" oal, 2 1/4" cutting edge. Pretty comfortable for a thin handle, wicked little slasher.:D Dennis- if you click on my website, you'll see examples of other pendants I've done.
I don't normally care for stuff like this, but that does look like finger bones (carpals?), and it is a claw, or a finger, and it is a useful knife shape for a neck knife. Clever, cool, and inspired. :cool: bad....didnt read all the posts....dimensions noted.....if you ever make them for others folks on the forum let me know and i will buy
I agree MDP. Every one I see gets better and better and I liked the first one :)
You get the feeling that Richards beautiful jewelry might end up being a sideline :D
That is a nice original piece of work - well done.

Would it be possible to make it "life size" if you were supplied with the outline of a finger?


Very innovative. I have always liked the looks of a nicely shaped integral. This one is beginning to open up new possibilities in design and should be a real winner. Keep it up Richard.
You folks are TOO KIND!! Can't begin to tell you how gratifying it is when such knowledgable knife knuts and makers respond like this.:D
Richard: would you mind emailing me with a price?

That really is a unique piece.

That knife sure has given me a fresh perspective in steel. Very novel and executed extremely well. It has very clean lines. Keep me in mind if you have any available for purchase. The only thing is I want mine done in Adamantium just like Wolverine's.;)