DF Baton Update

Nov 4, 1998
I just got my replacement batons from WOW, and these are a new batch, already with some of the changes I suggested. They lock up really well right out of the box. IT takes quite a bit of force to close them. It still is not as strong of a lockup as my ASP lightweight, but that may be because of the "sticky" nature of the Aluminum used in the ASP.

THe center rod seems stiffer as well, though I have not done any conclusive testing (yet).

I have the 16" baton now, and it is a cute little unit. closed it is just 6-1/2" and fits into the back pocket alongside my wallet.


If you are reading this, I did not mean to neglect your last post on the other thread, I did not have the batons to measure. the 26" baton is 9-3/4" closed, and the 21" is 8-1/4" IIRC.


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"But Bob Taylor made him a folder with a curved edge, 13" in length, and he kept it clipped in his pocket, on his right side." YeK 1:1

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how is the lock up on those batons after a bit of time extending and collapsing them? I don't know if you can answer this question right now, but I had a rather cheap baton that I bought a while ago and now the first joint won't lock up anymore, and it just slides back into the handle when the baton is raised.