Diamond sharpener

Nov 17, 2000
A few weeks ago I posted a question to all of you about the Lansky Diamond sharpening system. Most of you did not recommend it, and those of you that tried it said the diamonds (even the finest grade stone) left too rough of a cut on the knife blade. Well, you all were right. I am sorry I purchased the system, but want to thank you for your advise. Regards.
Rough finish aside, if all other aspects such as even angle, consistent bevel, and efficiency in removing steel are there, then you may try one of their standard stones for the final finish. A fine grit may do the trick for a nice smoother finish. It isn' t the best system but don' t discount the Lansky quite yet.

Additionally, what type of blade steel did you use the system on? More often than not softer steels require only the standard stones. Whereas the diamond coated ones are for very hard steels.