Dick Atkinson, anyone?

Nov 3, 1999
I have been seeing some promos lately on Dick Atkinson folders. Judging by the photos, they look good. But how are they for an EDC? Little more meaty than a gents folder? How would they stack up to heavy use (building materials--plywood, insulation, PVC, hardwood, cardboard, etc)?
Thanks for any input.
Barry H
I picked up one a few years ago at a knife show for $90. Mine is a lockback but looks pretty identical to the liners he has now. Dagger shaped blade,full filework,polished micarta scales with pearl inlay. Well made knife and for a full custom folder its quite hard to beat the prices Dick charges. I use it on a rotation basis but can't answer your question about the hard use you want to put it through. Like I said though in this day and age to get a handmade knife for under $200 plus a folder at that is a damn good deal plus the fact that its a well made knife makes it even better.

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I also have one of Dick's lockbacks that I have had for several years. I have never used it on anything as heavy as you have listed, but it sees regular use on plastic packing straps, heavy cardboard, and otheer packing materials of the like. I have never had a problem with it at all, has done everthing without fail and keeps an edge easily.

Take care.

Strider and Andy--
Thanks for the input. I think I'll try one out and report how well it holds up to hard use!