Did anyone get a confirmation from DPX?

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Feb 20, 2009
After seeing all the issues that came out of the pre-order, I sent an email to DPX "Contact Us" and the email thread is below.

Am I the only one who did NOT get an email confirming the number AFTER you click on the first email sent by DPZ?

Are there others?

Grateful for any responses.

Many thanks


When you entered your information on DPXgear.com and push submit an e-mail was sent to the e-mail address you used with a confirmation hyperlink. You needed to click on the hyperlink to confirm that you had placed a request.:thumbup:

If you did the above a confirmation e-mail would have been sent to you confirming the number you had picked.:thumbdn::confused:

We will be sending a follow up confirmation soon to all of the people on the list.


ComeBackAlive.com Team

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I will be grateful if you would confirm that I have # 33 & # 80 on

Many thanks
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I didnt get one either.I clicked the link and it did say that I had reserved the number.
I didn't, but I did get a confirmation message after clicking the link.
Thanks guys - I got the message on screen but no confirmation email as stated above. Lest see how this thread develops....
OP, your post is kind of confusing.

When I 'reserved' my knife a message pop up saying I would get a 'confirmation' email.

'Thing is, it was not a message detailing what you got, but an email with a link YOU HAD TO QUICKLY FOLLOW, if you did not, then you never really reserved a knife.

Once you followed the link in the one and only email you received it took you to a page that confirmed your reservation with a SCREEN MESSAGE , there was no second confirmatory email.

Does that make sense. :)
Orange Joe - many thanks for that - having re-read it again I can now see it your way - thanks again - I will lock this down.
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