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did i rip myself off?

Are you happy with your purchase? Then you did fine. As far as the dollar values of the individual knives, and of the display, you are right around high retail, so I'd say you've not ripped yourself off. It is a nice display and if it is in good condition, congratulations. Post us a good picture or two or three when you get your mits on it!

Very nice display. Just my comments I have purchased the original LB7 and some similar knives from an identical display case from a small town hardware shop several years ago.The LB 7 was original 4 pin and your knife may appear to be a 3 pin. At an average price of US$43 you would have to think it reasonable purchase. The 510OT alone is bringing US $90 to $100 at the moment in mint condition. Were any of the boxes included?
I concur as someone who has been actively buying Schrades on Ebay there has been a marked increase in the prices being achieved in the past 6 weeks with snipers appearing in the last 10 seconds with high clearing bid and finding they have paid more than intended with the second bidder having an undisclosed substantial bid as well. Might be the Xmas period or more active collectors coming into the market and trying to build collections which I feel is what is really happening.Good time to sell not so good to buy.Just my opinion based on quite a few recent bids placed by myself. Hoo Roo
Heres' my opinion, and how I'd value that set, since you asked.

The big 'prizes' in that collection are the mint condition 51OT, 25OT, 858OT, and the case itself. The 61OT (a favorite of mine) are less-common, but don't usually sell at premium prices. I'd figure $75 for each of the 4 "goodies". Those would come to $300-ish, leaving $350 for the remaining 11knives, or $31 each. Some of the others are worth less than $31, and some a bit more than $31, but $31 would be a fair average.

So yes, I'd say you did a good job. Thumbs Up, and congradulations!

Could you recover the $650 by re-selling the knives individually? Likely. But IMO they're worth more as a matched set with factory display than seperated. The problem is, when you sell more valuable items many casual e-Bayers and even hard core collectors are priced out of participating.

Might be the Xmas period or more active collectors coming into the market and trying to build collections which I feel is what is really happening.
To the contrary, I think with the holiday season people have less extra money to spend on growing their collections.

So here's my alternative hypothesis. Because it's winter, more people are spending more time in front of the computer and more money on their "indoor" collections. Just a guess of course...

.......Because its winter Bob?...I'm sweltering in 100 degree heat here in Oz as its the hottest part of Summer and I live in the driest State of the driest Continent on Earth! What does rain really look like anyway??
Hence I didnt really take the winter thing into consideration. In Oz there is a growing Schrade collector trend because they are finding out about the Schrade closure and are building small collections.I'm really glad I started building mine in 2002. I also see better prices being achieved in US for the same reason I feel. Anything genuine Schrade Mint complete with papers and correct box is definately appreciating and achieving the best results. My thoughts. Hoo Roo
Here's a lame attempt at defending my Winter Bidding Hypothesis:

Most people who bid on eBay don't live in Australia. :D

.....there we were 3 against a 1000 but they were the toughest bloody 3 we ever fought!!
....our bids take longer to reach Ebay all the way from Downunder Bob......Hoo Roo mate.
our bids take longer to reach Ebay all the way from Downunder Bob......
I bet a lot of the bottles sink or end up washed ashore in Asia. :D

I think if you enjoy what you bought and can afford it, you really cant put a price on it. I think it is a great piece to add to a collection. congrats. -joel
thanks joel, it was a big chunk. I had a little extra cash laying around,so i said to myself, why sit here and hack away at ebay and pay all the shipping charges one by one. why not make one buy and 11.00 dollars shipping and it's a done deal,the upside was all the knives were from the same time period with the display case that matches,that alone is worth something to me,thanks for the congrat's,take care,Fred
There is another display on eBay right now, and while it might be considered a good deal for some, take the time to look it over and decide what is out of place. If you intend to bid on it, add up the individual values of the 34 knives first. Then decide what the case is worth. As of right now, there are three bids and the top bid is $599.00. Is someone under the impression that this is something it is not? Please do not email the seller or the bidders.

I think Michael is driving at something other than my opinions, and I'm curious about his view, but I had looked at this item and wondered a few things myself? The average price for 34 knives at least at this point is pretty good, but there is plenty of time for expansion.
1) Are some of these Schrade Walden knives and are there some not original to the age of the display? I'd want to know tang stamps.
2) What knife is missing from the scrim section?
3) Are there any boxes, sheaths, or original packaging?
4) How well have the knives held up sitting in the open position for possibly 20+ years?
5) There are quite a few big knives in this display.
5) Who's hiding in the bushes with the enourmous CLEAR OUT bid on this?
6) Will there be there any bear traps?

Is that a real store display distributed by Schrade? It looks more like a display that someone made at home for their personal collection.


The display insert panel seems original enough, it is just filled with knives that don't match the Walden signage. When have you seen a Walden Scrimshaw?
Looks like there's a 171UH missing too.
Thawk- wouldn't that be a koala trap? :)
The actual knife assortment was regional, so you can't go by what is displayed in this case, just what is wrongly displayed in the other. Run the dates on the included knives.