Oct 2, 1998
This is the thread to post what ya got so spill the beans and tell us which knives you got this holiday!

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Well, sort of... I had an agreement with my wife that I'd get what I wanted this year. I purchased a Microtech M/A SOCOM, a BM mini-AFCK, a mini-Stryker, and a Kahr MK9 pistol.

All in all, not a bad season, I'd say.

Merry Christmas fellow knuts.

I gave myself a Microtech Socom D/A and a MOD Trident. I also won the Genesis. Great day for me

Wait till you hear what Blues wife gave him.
Merry Christmas Everybody
I just opened my gifts and recieved a Benchmade Axis and a Kershaw Random Task. The Axis is the pre-production one with the aluminum scales. I guess my wife really does listen to me.
I got myself plenty of knives this year so I didn't ask for any, but I know my boys (ages 10 & 11) saved up and bought me a Spyderco Native. I'll go nuts when they give that to me, it will mean as much as a MT or a CR since this was a huge purchase for them and getting something like this from your kids means a lot.
follow up
On xmas eve we always open 1 present. Tonight the kids gave me the Native! I was thrilled with their thoughtfulness. And guess what? I really like this knife.
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I WAS to get the Buck FG112 that has sat in the box on the shelf waiting for that magic day BUT some how it ended up getting engraved with the words "PAPA Christmas 1998" and then promptly shipped to Georgia! Papa got a new FG112, Uncle Hutch a new Ka-Bar black, and the two nephews Ka-Bar gentlmen type folders, and nephew Nick a Buck Crosslock Horseman (he is a top rodeo rider in his age class). Alas, I have coal in my sheath!!


I purchased knives all year long and agreed with my wife that I wouldn't be getting anything for Christmas.

But, this month she felt sorry for me and told me to buy the large Sebenza that I had been wishing for all year long. This is a great Christmas

Got my Dad a new stainless Rookie and had it engraved with his initials. He likes a smaller knife and should really enjoy it.
I ordered a GT Black Tanto Auto as a show piece, but who knows it always hard to sell your first of a make! My wife assuming I orderd it for myself has wrapped it and put it under the tree...I didn't even get to inspect. I'm sure it's a fine auto for the $$. So I guess she's going to bone up and pay for it!...Lucky me, if someone I run into wants it I'll have to order another. Hope everyone enjoys the Holidays...Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is my wife and I's first Christmas together, If she could read my mind she'd get me a MT DA Socom or another Stealth. It does outprice the lingerie? I bought her! Remember we're newlyweds. Still trying to figure each other out...is that possible? Ok enough rambling, "Happy Hollidays" to all knife lovers, I hope you all have a great and safe Christmas.


I received a native antler handled short skinner from a friend in Alaska. It has served to remind me of the basics in life... values, designs, materials, and above all friendships.

I also got a new Savage 10FP 308WIN Tactical short action 20" bbl rifle. Believe it or not this actually came with a great trigger. Had planned on installing an aftermarket piece but no need... no takeup and crisp letoff at a tad over 4 pounds. Now I've got a 308 for course work and hunting as my 26" 700Vs with 16oz Shilen trigger is set up for long range varminting. Too light a trigger for anything else.


Bald is beautiful! Rub a dome for luck today!

my holiday season all started the 2nd of this month as it was my birthday then. just before my birthday, i bought myself a Microtech DA grey plainedge. as i like to carry a serrated blade and a plainedge, and not a combo, i hinted to my wife that i needed a serrated MT to go along with the DA plainedge, but thought only combo edge was made. but behold the wife seen on a dealer website a fully serrated black MA Socom, so my wife got for me and got it on my birthday.
great right? it gets better. then pushing my luck, i said i would like to have a black plainedge MA Socom to carry in the other pocket to match. i thought i was really pushing my luck, but behold yesterday UPS delivered to my door a MT DA Black plain edge which was acquired via a trade; brand new in the box with papers. gosh, i'm in 7th heaven.
what did my wife get you ask? well, my wife liked the grey DA, and seeing as how i hadn't had a chance to use it, so was still new, i gave it to her for christmas. also through the trade, i acquired a mini-socom, new in box, serial numbered, etc so i gave that to her also. besides it was too small for my hand, but it made me look like a good guy anyway.HA! HA!
mike, it don't get any better than that in my eyes, other than i'm lucky to be married to a knife knut. although it can get expensive sometimes, but as someone said, its only money, and whatever pulls your cord.
think i've said enough, but you asked. better leave room for some other happy guys/gals.

A package was waiting on my porch when I got home yesterday. Its My new Custom Bali-Song from Benchmade!!! Polished Stainless handles with Rosewood inserts enclosing a Tanto blade hand ground by Allen Elishewitz, and the handles assembled / finished by Vance Collver.

The knife is awesome!!! Absolutely Beautiful!!! Came in a fitted presentation box with a certificate of authenticity.

Thank You Roberta DeAsis for all Your patience and for getting this great knife to Me at Christmas.

A picture of this knife can be seen at Benchmade’s web site.

Merry Christmas All!!!

Take Care,


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I bought myself a knife for Xmas, it was a German army issue fixed blade. Bought it personally from the owner of the local knife store, he had bought it from Germany some years ago. The price was also just about right (40 bucks) so I couldn't let it go. I also gave knives as a gift for the first time in my life. Bought two small, colorful (red-black & green black) liner locks (from Magnum) to a female, non-knife friend who was curious about knives in general. She said she really liked them, I didn't know GIVING knives was this fun.


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Jani, I agree with you. I gave knives this xmas and I think it was a hit. Can you think of another gift as practical? It beats giving a sweatshirt or some useless gag gift. From now on....only useful gifts from me (translation: knives or multi-tools).

I gave a Spyderco Pegasis to my nephew, a Calypso to his dad, another Calypso to my sister, an Endura to my brother, a Co-Pilot to my 16 year old daughter and a Pegasis to my 19 year old daughter.
I love Christmas time

Santa brought me a Cold Steel Recon Scout -- heavy blade, razor sharp out of box. Looks like its going to be a Happy New Year.

Best of the season to all on the Forum!!!


The highlights are:

Pre-Production Axis

and a few other odds and ends.

I'm not complaining.


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My wife said that I can order a Mirage-X Micro in a couple of weeks. I guess that will be a late Xmas present. (From what I hear of the wait on those knives it might be a late Easter present.)
Well, I had a fabulous Christmas, full of pointy objects. It was quite the knife-for-all. For my:

wife- purple Spyderco Leopard
son #1- medium BM Ascent, black blade
son #2- Spyderco Herbst
son-in-law- BM mini-Stryker
sister- Spyderco Ladybug
brother-in-law- AG Russell Deer Hunter
sister-in-laws husband- SOG mini-gent

And the kids gave me a large Spyderco Wegner. My thanks go out to Chai Cutlery, Skylands Cutlery, Discount Knives, AG Russell, and Little River Trading Company, all who provided good prices and excellent service, and to all of you who have provided advice, shared knowledge and generally populated this cyber-community. May God bless us, everyone.


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My wife bought me a Stiff Kiss. I wore it to the inlaws today and whipped it "out of nowhere" to cut open the stubborn packages,what a neat little knife
. I was also informed that a Rob Crisswell Barracuda II is on it`s way (COOL!). I hope everyone had a knife Christmas.
I gave two Leathermen Micra's, and received one from Dad also. What goes around, comes around.