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Difference between Kydex and Concealex?

Jul 9, 2000
I just noticed that the CS Safe Keeper II is available with Kydex sheath or Concealex sheath - what's the difference? And which one is better? Different dealers sell it with different sheaths... I don't know which one to pick.

Hi Chariot...

To the end user there in no difference other than the way it looks.

You will not notice the difference in the way it works what so ever..

Only someone who works with it on a daily basis will notice the slight difference in the way it is worked..Temperature, Grain ect.

The reason some Dealers sell it as Kydex or Concealex,,is so the Consumer is not confused, they are all actually Concealex..

Most if not all CS sheath products are manufactured by Blade-Tech. Blade-Tech uses Only Concealex.

Concealex is also the Only thing I use as I find it Far Superior to Kydex, for many reasons...

Hope this helps..



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