Difference Between Native Models

Jun 16, 2006
I posted this on another forum in response to a question to a particular model of Native. There are currently 3 models with a new model due out shortly.

Native or Native I. This model has the thinner/flatter FRN handles. This model was also released with Blue G-10 handles and Black G-10 handles with either Blue or Brown (Rootbeer) shell inlays in very limited numbers. There were also approximately 400 Black Plain Edged models released.


The Native II's are the stainless steel handled models. There were some that came with a "Spyder Web" etch on the handle only and another with the "Spyder Web" etch on the handle and the blade. Not sure if those were done by Spyderco or not.


The Native III is the wider/more rounded "3D" handled models. There were a very limited number of Blue handled Native III's released too.


Then there will be the Native IV, Carbon Fiber handles, skeletonized steel liners, screw construction with full flat ground blade. Hopefully it will be available within the next month.

This photo of the Native IV by Mr. Blonde/Wouter and is of the Native IV Prototype.



May 18, 2008
Difference among* Native Models ;)

Between is "between 2 things." Among is "among 3 or more things."

Good info. I didn't know that the Native 2 was the SS Native 1. I always wondered "why do we hear all the time about the N1 and 3, but not the 2?"
Dec 27, 2005
I always wondered "why do we hear all the time about the N1 and 3, but not the 2?"

May it is because Native 2 is discontinued. PE was discontinued few years ago and for CE 2007 was year of production. IMHO Native2 is best looking, but handle a little slippery.
Also I would like to mention Tan Natives "Operation Iraqi Freedom" & "Operation Enduring Freedom" (for our troops in Afghanistan). they are variation of C41 Native
Nov 1, 2007
There was a post a long time back about how to tighten up the blade pivot on the Native since it does not have a pivot screw: Hit it with a hammer or something like that. Mine has some blade play I'd like to get rid of. Does anyone remember how? Thanks
Nov 1, 2004
There are more differences... the Native and Native II have the solid pocket clip, while the Native III has the wire clip. Blade steel is also different; Native and Native III are VG-10, but Native II is S30V or AUS-10 if I recall correctly.

ADDED... from Spyderco's catalogs:
C41PBK is S30V
C78PBK (Native III) is VG-10
C41PS (Native II) is AUS-10
C41TN (Tan Iraqi Freedom) is VG-10
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Jun 16, 2006
Native/I came in 440A, 440V, GIN-1, S30V. I have not seen a C41 Native I with VG-10.

Native II's came with AUS-10 and VG-10 steels.

Native III's, as far as I know only came with VG-10.

The new Native IV will come with full flat ground VG-10 blade IIRC.

Handles: Native/I: black FRN, Tan FRN, Blue G-10, Black G-10 in either Blue or Brown shell inlay.

Native II: Plain SS, Spyderweb etched handle and Spyderweb etched handle&blade. Not sure if the Spyderweb etched models came from Spyderco or not though.

Native III: Black FRN and Blue FRN.

Native IV: Carbon Fiber.
Oct 31, 2007
The Spyderweb etching on the stainless-handled Native IIs was done by Spyderco. From what I understand they can still provide this embellishment for fee.


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Apr 11, 2007

thanks for this informative thread. i've come back to it 4 times as a reference while "shopping".
Apr 27, 2003
pkdmslf said:
There were some that came with a "Spyder Web" etch on the handle only and another with the "Spyder Web" etch on the handle and the blade. Not sure if those were done by Spyderco or not.
Well, the anwer here is "yes and no". All were done "aftermarket" - that is to say they were never a catalog item. If they have the Spyderco "bug" on the web, they were probably engraved by Spyderco, either for an individual or a dealer. It's their "stock" engraving and has been done on just about ever model that came in SS for the last ten years or so, and even occasionally on almite coated aluminum ones - I've seen it on at least one Lum Chinese Folder. I know the Sawyer's Cutlery use to order a lot of different SS models that way and sell them on eBay. If they have the "bug", and the web extends onto the blade, they were probably done by Spyderco for one specific dealer (Glashart?), although others may have ordered them that way as well. If they have a more realistic looking black spider on the web and it has a red dot on its back, as on the CoPilot below, they were probably done aftermarket by "Serene", and, if so, will carry their signature.



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Sep 29, 2005
Thanks for this thread. I am a big native I fan and want to purchase another but can't decide if I should get another I or go for the III.

Things I like about the native 1

- flatness of the closed package
- overall blade profile, love the tip except it does get buggered occasionally
- love the ergos of the native, and being able to aggressively choke up with the choil
- the sv30v seems to be serving pretty well. Corrosion resistance is important to me
- love the light weight

Things I don't like about the native 1

- the clip is atrocious
- the handle needs to be more aggressively scaled

So, I don't know what the III offers over the I in my situation?
Maybe the clip?
Jun 16, 2006
I have large hands and the Native III's larger more rounded handle fits very nicely. I also like the wire pocketclip over the standard pocketclip on the Native I and II.
Mar 19, 2007
If you get a chance to visit the Spyder store in Golden, look for the Native display case. It gives a good history of the Native's evolution. My favorite model, which never made it into production, is the Native Chief. It's a bit longer and slimmer than current offerings.
Dec 13, 2004
I like my Native I because of the machined jimping and the width (narrowness) of the handle. The blank for the blade on my Native III was either punched or cast which is reflected by the fairly rounded jimping which only offers minimual thumb purchase.
I have had these knives for 4-5 years and just now noticed that measured tangentely to the forward side of the Spyder Hole that my Native III is 1/8" taller (in height) and around 1/16" longer measured from the forward end of the handle to the tip. My Native III aslo has a series (20+-) of chatter burns on the lower portion of the left side of the blade and probably should have been a cosmetic second. As noted the Native I is my favorite even though I have found that the finish on its CPMS30V is very sensitive to battery acid and the Native III is just fine in a pinch.