Difference Raw and Salyani

Sep 8, 2016
Before I make my final options / choices for a kukuri can anyone please tell me if there is any difference between Raw Leather and Salyani Leather for the scabbard ??
At the top of the Kailash Blades website, click on the "Options" tab, sheaths are the first item discussed:

Basically, the Salyani sheath leather is more involved and labor intensive, and has a mottled texture. The sheath itself is also more ornate. Check out the Salyani khukuri, there's a picture of the sheath. Their gallery and Instagram pics show even better details.

What surprised me about the Salyani sheath is that it says it's thinner leather and suggests using it more for display, and/or ordering a modern (more durable?) sheath for carry.

I'm sure Andrew will answer and give qualified, experienced advice when he sees this thread.

For my orders, I've opted for either traditional or military daps for display purposes (depending on the default options) and added either kydex or western leather sheaths for actual field use.

Edit: The only "Raw" that I remember seeing is under the blade finish options, I'm not sure what you mean by raw leather. The raw blade finish is like a forge finish in western terms: black with forging scale and hammer marks. In those terms, I like it very much and was tempted to get that on my Ek Chirra and Mini.
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Thanks for chipping in :)
Sometimes the salyani leather is described as rubbed or raw- this is a reference to the treatment methods. Raw also eluded my understanding until recently when I learned that it is stiff and inflexible when dry- much like rawhide.
Currently the difference between the sheaths are mostly aesthetic and refer to the type of leather, the presence of patuka buttons (initially for waist carry in a sash) and the patterns pressed into the leather. The traditional dap features a horizontal belt loop and in my view has thicker and more durable leather- making it a more practical option. In future we are planning on increasing the level of distinction between these two sheath types but we will update with these details once finalised.
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