Jul 16, 2007
What is the main difference between the RC-3/RC-4/RC-6 etc? Is it just size?

I'm interested in a field/utility knife and I know I want a RAT, I'm guessing the RC-4 should be my pick.
Jun 12, 2008
Im not a 100% sure about this because i am still pretty new to RC but yeah i think they labeled them by size rc 3 blades is about 3 inches rc 4 is 4.5 inches, i think, and rc 6 is about 6 inches. but then agian i may be completely wrong.


Feb 28, 2007
RC3 is 1/8" thick; RC4 and RC6 are 3/16" thick. Blade lengths are self evident by the names. The handles of the RC3 and RC4 are identical to each other in dimensions (the RC4 is a bit thicker due to the blade being thicker). The RC6 has a larger handle than the RC3 and RC4. I do not know if the handle on the RC6 is thicker or the same as the RC4 - I suspect it will be similar in girth just longer in length.

Many of us are anxiously awaiting shipment of the RC-6. From the few lucky folks who handled the protos at the BLADE knife show or in the jungles with the RAT team, they have reported that it is a very beefy and substantive feeling knife that feels 'bigger' than a 6" blade. I can certainly attest that the RC-4 feels like a bigger knife than most 4" knives out there. Part of it is the substance behind the mircata grips. There was a recent thread in the general knife discussion comparing the Fallkniven F1 with the RC-4. Lots of comparison pictures that are useful on that thread. The poster seemed to like the RC-4 a bit better, but rated both well overall.

As a general outdoors utility, I think the RC-4 is pretty hard to beat. It has enough size and girth to withstand whatever you can throw at it, but is still compact so that wearing it on your hip doesn't draw attention or make you step higher with one leg then the other. It cuts very well for its stock thickness. For urban EDC, I think the RC-3 is a bit better suited - smaller (more concealable) and better cutter due to its thinner stock and more acute grind (15o as opposed to 20o bevels).

The new handle variations (black linen mircata, green canvas mircata, orange G10) of the RC-3 and RC-4 give you lots of styles and options. You can't go wrong with any of the rats you choose in this line. The art is finding something that will best suit your intended application.

Good luck on your purchase!
May 17, 2006
RC Cola is found at dollar type stores and I should get a can and take a few RC pictures with some knives.