Different neck knives

Mar 20, 1999
Just as a size and shape reference for those interested. Here is a pic of some neck knives that I currently own. There is no pecking order here, it's just how I layed them out.

Top to bottom.

Newt Livesay:
My old Woo (customized by me)
New Woo with thumb serrations
Titanium Tiger
Titanium Bugger
NRG (fiber knife)

Round Eye Knife and Tool:
ATS34 Hobbit Fang
1095 Green Hobbit Fang

<img src=http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=33630&a=208307&p=12274927&Sequence=1>
Sheesh, #4.........how many necks do you HAVE ?

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4th, Too funny!
I just got this visual...


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Dr. Lathe: I would be glad to beta test one of your knives. If I may make a suggestion: Make the cutting edge longer than the Tiger or Bugger. Maybe a wider blade and a nice cord wrap to fill the palm a bit. I think I am looking for a Woo or NRGS (the steel version) in a Ti package.


Bob: I like the topmost Woo for everyday carry. I think I will like the NRG for air travel or visiting "secure" buildings. I carried the ATS34 Fang while my brother in Texas had my Woo and the Green 1095 Fang. When he mailed them back I immediately switched back to the Woo when I opened the package on the way to work one morning.
IV, yeah, that mental image of your big neck and all those dangling knives! I am still waiting for my Talonite Handiman (which I hear are being ground... hint hint RJ!) from Mr. Martin. How about other materials in a neck knife? Like a Talonite Fang/Utility? You reading this Bob Taylor?