difficulty in getting through to BF

Feb 18, 1999
I've noticed the past few days I was unable to get onto Bladeforums, and now I got on (through reference to an old BF topic mentioned in the Benchmade forums), but can't seem to access most threads. I wait and wait and...nothing. I did access a couple threads in the Spyderco forum here, but only a couple.
So are there some temporary server(?) problems with BF or is my computer having problems?
PS. I'm not having trouble in accessing the BM or KF forums at all. I was wondering if the storms in the midwest maybe knocked out some of the connections or...?
BTW, can a virus cause this? Hope not!
Jim:No a virus can't cause it. Yes the internet has been in some serious trouble the last week. A major ATM link in Chicago went down April 30th, and connections have been affected ever since. That, plus NSI (Internic), has had some growing pains as they have split responsibility for handing out DNS (Domain names, like www.bladeforums.com and such). One of my main customers had Internic *lose* Their entire Domain name. Expect to see more of the same in the next few months, with spot outages.
90% of the problem lies on AOL.

99% of the people saying they can't get through are on AOL.

Please reference the thread in the tech support forum with a similar topic. This forum is not for tech support problems, and tech support related posts will be answered a lot slower on this forum. For best results, use the tech support forum.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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