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Diminishing Returns

Aug 8, 1999
How many times have my fellow knife lovers bought the new big bucks wonder knife only to realize that your older, cheaper favorite was actually easier to sharpen, more confortable, etc. Than your new toy.
I bring this up because I am beginning to feel that tactical style knives are reaching the point of diminishing returns. Given the current definition of tacticals, I don't know how many more real improvements can be made.
Bigger. A whoooooooole lot bigger.

Sifu is a great start. Now for the 18" blade version...

Jim March
Is it Joe Talmadge who likes to say that once you've bought a Delica it's all diminishing returns after that? I hope I got that sentiment right, because I'd like to second it. Doesn't stop me from buying that next $100+ Spydie, of course...

Yes, you can add a 'dog' to the collection, when you think you are moving up.

I bought a e-z out, man what a mistake. I gave it to a buddy at work, his knife is a 'real dog'.

The e-z out was hard to sharpen, go dull cutting toilet paper, blade too thick at the cutting edge.

I bought a sak tinker to replace the e-z out. This is one fine knife and $10 cheaper than the e-z out. You can shave with it, the edge lasts great, easy to sharpen (two strokes on the gatco), doesn't scare people.

I also recently bought a swisstool, another fine purchase. That is what got me looking at the tinker. SAK are very fine, bargain knives and tools, people that don't own any are really missing out.

I have been interested in the ka-bar knives lately. I saw 'gunner' comments on the kydex sheaths messing up the finish. I have been thinking about ka-1222 or ka-1247. I would not get one for major hard use, mainly light duty, and 'looking at'. Can anyone tell me if they hold an edge and sharpen easy? Which one would be a better choice, I know one is stainless and the other is 1095. Does the powder coat scratch and fall off easy?

I don't want to add a 'dog' to the collection. These are a little too much $$$ to just give away, if I don't like.
Ya, that's me who says that about the Delica. And that doesn't stop me from spending way more either...

Yeah Jim! I like large folders. If you go with the car ads and figure that you hold the knife horizontaly, "Wider is Better". It seems the neat stuff stops at around 9". And heavy is OK.

If you expect what you get (do the research) it's tough to be disappointed.

Don't fool yourself about the improvements that can be made on tactical knives.

Techniques, Tolerances, Materials and locks. Will all continue well into the first decade of the next century.

The bar is always being raised.

Les Robertson
Robertson's Custom Cutlery
I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.
I agree with Les. Handmade knives, especially folders, have been improving by leaps and bounds in the past few years. These improvements in design and materials trickle down to factory knives. We still have a long way to go.
Tactical folders have gotten MUCH better in the last few years, the widespread use of a few new locks and some better blade steels being the two best improvements in my opinion. But, there is nothing to say about the arguement of what is better, a classical or a tactical type folder... Because it all depends on what you are using it for. I am not a hunter, but I can pretty much bet that a good utility knife would fare better for skinning game then like an Emerson CQC7 or a Benchmade Stryker. Right? I don't think any police officer wants to go into a violent altercation with a Case Trapper or a SAK as his backup. For what they are meant to do, Tactial folders are evolving because there is a real demand for it. And not just from knife collectors, from the units they were designed for. Hey... Is this my 100th post?

Robert Joseph Ansbro

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