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Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by tmd_87, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. tmd_87

    tmd_87 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 29, 2016
    Recently, I was cleaning out an old drawer in my entryway cabinet that used to hold my knives. I stumbled across a Spyderco box to be specific a Ladybug in Hap40. Open the box no knife....I search everywhere for this lil bugger can't find the dang thing. Show pictures of the knife to my wife and son...they remember the lil orange knife but don't remember when they saw it last. Dang it! This was a cool lil blade! I had totally forgotten all about the knife but now that I remembered having it and carrying it a handful of times I wish I could find it!

    TLDR: had knife forgot I had knife can't find knife

    Has this ever happened to anyone here?! So frustrating!
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  2. SW-EDC

    SW-EDC Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Dec 4, 2015
    Yes. It's in the house. It will show up when you least expect it..not when your looking for it.
  3. onekerf

    onekerf Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 5, 2008
    This is the method that I use. While looking for the item that is currently needed, but missing, I usually find something else that's been missing, but not currently needed, and have long given up on ever finding again.
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  4. sabre cat

    sabre cat Basic Member Basic Member

    Jul 4, 2014

    My Spyderco Clip-It Rescue went missing for over a year. Closer to two, actually. Found it in the guest room. I can't tell you how many times I was in that room and never did see the knife. Then one day I was looking for something else and there it was. :)
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  5. SW-EDC

    SW-EDC Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Dec 4, 2015
    It always happens like that dude. Don't despair, you will find it. My recent was actually a good luck charm knife, that has won me some serious $ at a Laughlin, Nevada casino. Before we left, I told my wife, "I need to find Wilson!"
    I went to the first logical place, my knife bag, and there he was, in a velcro side pocket. I won $600 on that trip :)

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  6. Getting older

    Getting older

    Jan 3, 2016
    Time guys have it.When it's time for you to have it it will show up.
  7. specgrade

    specgrade Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 21, 2009
    Any way your boy did something with it? I know how I was once.....
  8. K.O.D.

    K.O.D. My head is on loose but my shoes are tight Platinum Member

    Aug 21, 2013
    Two SAK's are missing. Stars and stripes super tinker I bought last summer, and a Wenger Nomad from my childhood, was a gift from my great uncle when I was 7.

    Both are somewhere in this house, but being that the house is 62 years old, and we've lived here since 1991, it's kind of a needle in a haystack. Every time I look for something, I find something else I forgot was missing.
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  9. 19-3ben

    19-3ben Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 27, 2015
    A Daado custom 52100 sheepsfoot with burlap micarta, is currently missing. I love that little knife and I only had it about 6 weeks befor it vanished somewhere in my house. I know I’ll cone across it one day. My only fear is that being carbon steel, is it somewhere it could rust between now and my being reunited with it.... hurts to think about.
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  10. cbach8tw

    cbach8tw Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 9, 2006
    I had taken my Manly Wasp with orange scales, you would think that color would be hard to lose sight of, with me and drove to the store. A few days later I realized I could not find it... well, later I got a call from my wife and daughter who had gone away for a short trip that they found my orange knife between the car door and the side of the front seat. In that small area known to collect small bits of grass and dirt as you enter and exit the car. The pocket clip had snagged the seat belt, (drivers side)and pulled it from my left front pocket. That is my designated knife carry pocket. I was happy to have it back when they got home.
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  11. kvaughn

    kvaughn Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 28, 2005
    Buy another one just like it. The lost one will immediately appear.--KV
  12. tmd_87

    tmd_87 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 29, 2016
    That's definitely what's worrying me. I really hope it didn't fall somewhere it shouldn't have and get thrown out. I definitely didn't put it with my fishing gear or hunting gear. It's to small of a knife to need it with that stuff.
  13. number9

    number9 Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 5, 2017
    I'm hoping that works with my flashlight.
  14. bobobama


    Jan 15, 2017
    Happens to me all the time with my SAK's. Can't keep track of the little buggers. I stash them everywhere and anywhere, and when it comes time to get one to use, bingo! it's gone. They eventually show up, usually when you've stopped looking for them. It's frustrating for sure.
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  15. tmd_87

    tmd_87 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 29, 2016
    LOL, I was just think about throwing up a want to buy thread in the exchange...
  16. CableGirl


    Aug 19, 2018
    You'll find it the last place you look.
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  17. TheFactor

    TheFactor Life is good ! Platinum Member

    Feb 26, 2015
    I lost my first Spydie and still have the box as a reminder from about 18 years ago , EDIT: Just looked at the box and it’s stamped 2/27/01 lol so it was almost exactly 18 years ago and I’m still re-living it and punishing myself :) Recently lost a Another Spydie ManBug V-Toku 2 during carry and it must of slipped out of my watch pocket .
    I think your situation is worse finding the box and then opening it up and it’s gone :eek:

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  18. GIRLYmann


    Nov 7, 2005
    Accidental loss is one thing but misplacing or loosing stuff constantly would require some form of attitude adjustment :)
    There are gadgets which could be of some use to the absent minded ;-)
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  19. sabre cat

    sabre cat Basic Member Basic Member

    Jul 4, 2014
    I'm missing three of those. :(
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  20. TheFactor

    TheFactor Life is good ! Platinum Member

    Feb 26, 2015
    I’m missing the batteries :D
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