Disappointed with Axis Folder

Nov 15, 1998
Don't shoot me!!!!

The Axis is a quality product and the lock revolutionary. Its just with all the hype I was kind of expecting more.

To me, the product is sort of like a great engine (the Axis lock) in an average car (a Mustang).

(1) The aluminum handles are disappointing to me - think of the Tuffram coated, aluminum handled Police model or the SOCOM's handles. The Axis deserves aircraft grade aluminum - not a chalky feeling substitute.

(2) The knife is not that sharp and the point a bit weak. And the blade a bit thin for my tastes.

(3) Yes the Axis lock is revolutionary, but I enjoy flicking open a good liner lock - such as the Genesis or most AFCKs. Trade-offs, I guess.

Minor stuff and my hat's still off to Benchmade for designing a production axis lock.
If the finish on the aluminum Axis Lock is "chalky" like the finish on a Benchmade Leopard or Spike, I want one!

I don't spend a lot of time running my fingernails across my knife handles, but I like a grip with a bit of traction, and especially a bit of traction under the pocket clip where it grips my pants pocket.

As for the blade, I'm still waiting for my distributors to get them so I can speak first-hand. To me, "thin" sounds like a plus, since thinner cuts better.


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The Aluminum handles are very chalky-grippy. So "cat's tongue" chalky that they have already faded my pants where I carry it. Trade-offs.
The blade is darn near a full flat grind and cuts like the dickens.
Benchmade is known for putting a rough edge on their knives for some odd reason. I am much happier with Spydee's and Microtech's and just about everyone else's factory edges, and I always expect to take my new Benchmade right to my diamondstone and polishing stone.
The Axis is definitly built for cutting more than doing pullups, but I like my folders that way, and besides that, mine held up real well when I did pullups on it (more on that later). All we need is an M2 blade to make up for any percieved weakness in lateral strength and we are good to go. I do not find the tip to be any more fragile than any other 1/8 inch ATS-34 blade.

I am still running mine through the paces, so I won't go into detail, but I find the blade design to be outstanding in every regard for cutting. More to come...