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Discontinued Spydies?


Gold Member
Dec 8, 1999
I have a Wegner, but was wondering about using it. What if something breaks? Would it be repaired? I doubt if anything would happen to it, but was just wondering.
The Wegner model and it's Jr. model both have been discontinued for at least 6 years that I know. However that is one model that pops up quite a bit on Ebay and other secondary markets.

As to whether or not you could get Spyderco repair work done on it you will just simply have to call them and ask them. I couldn't see why they wouldn't work on one but I don't know for sure.

The Wegner is a really popular model among hunters. You can still get that same knife design from Tim Wegner's company which is www.blade-tech.com They even have about 5 variations of that same design. I have owned a couple of Blade-Tech's knives and they are fine quality. The Spyderco OCELOT was the last of the Wegner designs for Spyderco from what I was told.

Doubt if you're gonna hurt your Wegner C48 by using it. I still use one as an EDC, among a couple others, and haven't seen a good enough reason to replace it. Workhorse!!!!