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Oct 4, 1998
I have seen the perfect way to store/display knives. I saw on the AG Russell site a machinist tool chest or a "collector's" chest. They are beautifull. The one and only problem is their price. The cheapest one is $400. They are nice but I am not sure they are that nice. Does anyone know where to find one that is around 100-200?

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Where did you see this cabinet? I was just on the sears website and could only find one for $299 and they said that it was currently unavailable.

There is a Sears Hardware Outlet store near my home.The chest was a regular stock item and listed at $169.00.I got one for the same reason that you want one.It`s oak with 2 large bottom drawers(will easily hold a CS LTC Kukri)6 smaller drawers and a large undivided top.3 hasps with the center one keyed and an oak bar that goes in front of the drawers to lock them.All the drawers are lined with green felt.Very plush digs for my babies!They called it a hobby and collectors cabinet.The store I got mine at is located in Ballwin,Mo.PH.(314)230-6545.Good Luck!!

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I have a wooden tool chest that I received for Christmas, It was purchased at COSTCO, wholesale warehouse type store and was around $139.00. It has 2 large drawers on the bottom, 6 smaller, 1 box shaped drawer and a flip top storage area. It is made out of oak and the drawers a lined in felt.All the drawers lock and it has 2 handles on either side. It's really nice, especially for the price.

Here's another possibilty. Smokey Mountain Knife Outlet near Gatlinburg, Tn has oak display cases of various sizes. The best is 12"x18"x1 1/2" deep (stock #DS1218). It has a glass top and a foam pad with felt for $27.99 each. They are lockable. I have several. They are just right for storing Microtech knives open. The phone number is 1-800-251-9306. The quality is so-so, but they work great. As your collection grows, just buy another.
I am making a tool chest modeled after the one in A.G. Russel. It'll look just like it and cost lots less!! So far, I have the bottom part completed. Takes a long time since the accuracy has to be perfect for all the small pieces.

You might be interested in what I ended up using. I saw these used by a chain store in their display cases so I asked if they could order some for me. I'm talking about plexiglass ladder displays...each capable of handling 5 blades. they came in two sizes so I have some for big fixed blades as well as smaller folders. They were made by or for Boker and sold for under $8 to dealers. No manufacturer's markings or etchings are on these. They work great on the shelves of my gun safe.


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