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Oct 19, 2010
An interesting topic,
Recently I had the displeasure of interacting with another knife-maker who believed that I had disrespected him and his product.

He asked openly for public comment on the value of one of his knives.

I answered that I found no value in it and described my reasoning. I also listed what I thought he might be able to sell it for based on the same factors that I hand no interest in.

My answer not only upset him, but prompted a number of replies and pile-on's, many of which not only do not know me, or the other maker, or our history, or own any of his work, or have any knowledge of the situation beyond the fact that they didn't like the tone of my reply.

After I dropped out of the conversation, I found that that same maker had taken one of the knives he bought from me at a substantial discount (I've also given this same maker free knives to try and evaluate) had taken that knife, ground it down to a misshapen nub and was selling it as "Bastardized".

I realize that he may have been the one to bastardize the knife, but I find the fact that he felt he needed to modify my work to such an extent as to destroy it interesting, considering he's the first one to cry wolf when anyone says anything critical about his.

This is the knife, before, and after. I sold this knife to the maker for $57. And this is what he did with it.


- Hal Zucati
I haven't seen the thread you're taking about but I've seen numerous situations like that on the forums. It's just one of those risks. It's always special when someone asks for feedback and then doesn't like what they hear. Try not to let it get to you too much. You can certainly rest assured that you're original is superior to that basterdized version.

Also, $57 for the beauty is the deal of the century!
Opinions are just opinions,a lot of makers that produce excellent knives both quality and eye appeal,then there are other guys that do excellent work but doesn't do anything for me personally, but they are still spectacular knifemakers.
Its true what you say, both of you.
I guess i just feel like I'd done what needed to be done... with no modifications required, but yea, not everyone has the same values or needs, and the modifications done do change the funcitonality, weight and balance, so perhaps to that maker they were necessary to achieve his goal for the knife... That being said, he could have achieved the same thing on a new knife from scratch without buggering up mine...

Oh well. I can make more.

So can he.

- Hal
There are some people that will always be like that, We all have to do the best we can to realize that we cannot change them. Generally when something happens Like the disrespect you received to myself, It gives me the moment as reminder to be thankful I am not like that. Yes it was a fine knife! But Yes again You can always make more. TD
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I'm not a knifemaker, and have no dog in this discussion. But when I purchase a knife, it becomes mine, and I can do with it as I please. Use it, sell it, give it away, or bury it in the ground. I can take my knife, mutilate it on a grinder, and re-sell it if someone will buy it.

I think that when a knifemaker produces a blade, it becomes his baby because he has put his heart and soul into it. In some respects, the knife is a reflection of the maker. So when someone re-grinds or mutilates a custom blade, he is "killing" the knifemaker's "baby", and that results in pain. So I get where you are coming from. But as a consumer, once the knife leave the nest and take a home with the consumer, the consumer can do with the knife whatever he pleases and there is no disrespect involved.

Ultimately, the knife is just an inanimate object, and after you sell it, its not even your inanimate object anymore, so like Mr. Tiny says maybe its best to just lick your wounds and move on.
I agree with what you're saying 100%. And I agree that when someone buys a knife it becomes theirs.
I can also appreciate that everyone has a different idea of what useful and good is, so I do get it.
I thank you and everyone else for your perspective and thoughts, its easy to get bent out of shape about something personal, but I think you're right, there's no reason I need to get personal about a knife, especially when I can make more, and have.

Sometimes I just need to hear this stuff from someone who gets it, which you all obviously do.

- Hal
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