Dive Knives -- What's Your Advice?


Sep 13, 1999
In am in the market for a dive knife (that I will actually take diving) and would greatly appreciate you advice. For example, what is the best shape? How about metals, what should I look for? Is titanium any good as a blade material? What specific models should I look at? Are there more general use outdoor knives that can serve the purpose, like the Seal Pup?

Thanks Again
Hey RFC,

As your Q’s already indicate, all the factors to consider in a knife are multiplied for use in saltwater. Your answers will depend on what you might realistically expect to do w/it. If you expect to pry, you can buy a dozen 8” prybars for $3-$5 each, then not worry if they rust.

I haven’t been diving in a few yrs but expect to pick it up again starting next summer, so I’ve been asking the same Q’s as you. My own pref is for an all-purpose knife which I can use in or out of the water; if you’re looking at the SEAL Pup, your interest sounds similar. The SOG’s 440A is about as corrosion-resistant as steel gets w/the usual compromise, i.e., OK edge-holding and toughness. Ti will insure zero corrosion w/near-unbreakable toughness, but possibly only equal or even lesser cutting performance (tho’ some forum members have spoken very highly of the Mission ti knives). That’s pretty expensive for a knife which, out of the water, will be outperformed by knives 1/7 its price.

The David Boye cobalt dive knife (4” drop pt, 7.5” OAL, skeletonized handle) can be found for under $100 (retails for a bit more). The Boye cobalt (cast stellite) is completely non-corrosive and is reputed to be an extraordinary cutter which will keep an edge till hell freezes over. Probably a great deal, tho’ some might find it too small. If you want a thicker handle, you can wrap it w/paracord or rubber.

Again, depends on your interest and budget. Some might say, go w/a cheap knife in the water, but remember you get what you pay for. Of course, on the other hand, if you can afford a ti knife, then why not consider a custom w/ stellite or talonite? BIG price tag and equally big wait, but you get to specify the knife’s materials/ dimensions, and you’ll end up w/a knife which is truly tops in performance, non-corrosion, and utility -- you can use it for just about anything, anywhere. Least that’s my reasoning -- I ordered a 4.5” talonite drop pt, which I anticipate (hope?) will be my LAST general purpose knife (do I hear someone laughing?).

My 2 cents --