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Diving Knives

Apr 27, 1999
Any SCUBA divers in the forum? I am curious to see waht your opinions are as to dive knives? I have a Carson U2 that I bought for diving, and have carried a Spyderco Mariner, a Tekna dive knife and once my AFCK (forgot I had it on when I was playing in the pool). Any thoughts on this topic are welcome. Later

Yes it's sharp!!!! Now go get the first-aid kit!!!
My last dive knife that I REALLY liked was a prybar type Dacor. It was fabulous. Super rust resistant, razor sharp and easy to keep that way. Bought it at a dive shop in New Braunfels, Texas umpteen years ago. Sold it to a guy in collge and haven't found one I like since.

If memory serves there was a thread about 2 months ago asking if there were any SCUBA divers out there. Lots of replies.... surprised me. Try doing a search.

Knife Medic,

As I have replied before I also have a couple of U2s. I do have not had the opportunity to dive in quite a while. I'm trying to rearrange my schedule to update my certification(Didn't even have civilian dive tables when I began) and start again. I have carried Dacor,Gerber, and several of the other mass market dive knives. The only one I really liked was the Dacor. It was more of a prybar than a knife. When I start again I will probably carry a Gerber river runner on my consol and either the 5" U2 with red G-10 scales or the Large U2 I have from Kit. Both have the chisel point. Also I reccommend a pair of EMT shears as well. If I did not have custom U2s from Kit I would not hesitate to carry the Buck intrepids.They will do the job and are much better than the other mass market dive knives out there.

Now if I could just get my Stelite pair I ordered. Shouldn't push my luck though. Kit has been real good to me.

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Before I had to take a "break" from diving for medical reasons, I used to carry a Underwater Kinetics Fusilier, a Spydie Delica, and a pair of EMT shears.


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If you can afford it then the Mission MPK or MPS is your best bet. I have logged 22 salt water dives with the MPK and 4 with the MPS. Can you say strong as hell and ultra low maintenance?
Call me a traditionalist if you will, but I think it is hard to beat the Randall Model 16. Mine came with the wax impregnated sheath but I think they offer an optional codura one now.


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I have never heard of a Randall Model 16? Anybody got a pic of it or can I get a description? Later all and thanks for your input

Yes it's sharp!!!! Now go get the first-aid kit!!!
Knife Medic,
you might want to check www.randallknives.com/saltwater.html for the Randall # 16 Diver's Knife.

My choice is a Gerber river shorty (black handle). I carry it inside the jacket and most people don'teven realise it is there.

BTW I even openend a cocnut with this small knife. The serrations worked realy well on the green/brown skin and prying wasn't a problem either. While I can imagine more impressive knives (not in this price range) I like the small knife, because most people I've met while diving are a bit offended by a large knife.

Knife medic, I carry a Tekna that has an integral sheath on the back of my console. Since most of my diving is in fresh water, the most dangerous thing we run into is discarded monofilament fishing line. I wouldn't carry a dive knife without serrations, for this very reason. This stuff can get you tangled, like you wouldn't believe.

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