DMT Diafold v. EZE-LAP fold-out?

Both have the "butterfly" handle design, both come in grits from coarse to fine (and also two-sided).

The DMT is slightly bigger (and also a bit more expensive).

Has anyone had experiences good or bad w/either? Is one built better (or rather, is one built poorly enough to break w/use)? Does the DMT really prevent "clogging" which may (or may not) occur w/the EZE-LAP?

I'm considering one of these. So, which is better? Thanks --

Mar 2, 1999
I've used both for maintaining the edge of the Uluchet that I carry daily. Both have performed well with no clogging of either product. The EZE-LAP has a convex surface while the DMT has a flat surface which allows each to perform certain tasks more efficiently than the other. The DMT is like using a flat stone while the EZE-LAP is akin to using a slip.
Hope that helps.

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I have a couple of the EZE-Laps and have given many as gifts. They work well. All of them have a flat surface. Perhaps P. J.s slipped through quality control. I find they are easier for beginners to use than a large bench stone because you can hold the knife in one hand and work the sharpener with the other. It's easy to keep the angle constant as you can position the edge facing up for a better view.

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The EZE-LAP diamond sharpener that I have is not a QC slip, the shape is () with the radii meeting at the points. Maybe a proto?
Just talked to them at EZE-LAP and it's a model is 590 super fine oval.

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P. J.,

With the exception of the 11" bench stones Shannon Lew sold me, all of my EZE-LAP stuff is purchased direct from Jack Fletcher at the Tulare County Farm Equipment show. I called Jack today. The 590 is a new item intended make it easier to sharpen recurved blades. I suppose I'll pick up a couple at the next Farm Equipment show. Thanks for the heads up!
If sharpening serrations is a consideration, I' d recommend the DMT Diafold. It is a circular diamond rod (2 grits availble)that tapers toward the tip. It can of course sharpen plain and recurves as well. It' s the only convenient folding sharpener I use.

Storyville, I have seen a big difference between the Ez-Lap and DMT hones I have bought. First off the Ez-Lap ones come unfinished, the surface is very rough and the diamond coating needs to be worn down a bit before it will produce an even finish. T Secondly the DMT stones do load slower and finally they wear slower.

Thanks for the great feedback, all!

(... but which one is better for killing a bear?...)