DMT sharpeners

Dec 23, 1999
hi all'
Has anyone tried the dmt clamp system.
It is a copy of the lansky type system
but may be of better quality?
I am looking for system that i can afford
but not the sharpmaker.
any help would be great.
thanx dan
I have all the sharpener systems you mentioned. No, the DMT Aligner is not a copy of the Lansky, though it works on a same principle. While the DMT stones are superior to Lansky's (even the diamond ones), the clamp is crappy. At times the clamp screw will untighten itself (plastic screw=lack of friction), making it unsafe at times. Plus the DMT Aligner won't let you sharpen thick knives, while I can improvise with the Lansky (they supply the extra long screw for thick knives). The way I do it right now: use my DMT stones with my Lansky clamp.

strange, i do things basically the opposite of Frantium. i use my gatco stones with the DMT clamp. i like the fact that the DMT clamp is plastic, it won't mar finishes. but the problem with it is that it's plastic. like frantium said, it will loosen up on you. i solve that by tightening it all the way, the plastic bends enough, so it works fine. i wish i could sharpen thicker blades, but oh well. i generally use the DMT clamp for folders and end up using a lansky clamp for fixed blades since it takes thicker blades. yes i did say lansky, the gatco clamp was a POS IMO. i only have the DMT clamp right now, but i'll have the kit in a few days, i'll let you know what i think then.
Stones are great (but be sure to get some coarse stone also - they aren't that fast). The 'plastic' clamp wont ruin finish on a blade, but has a small tendency to unscrew itself. No, the thickest knives wont fit in it, but I've never had eny problems with that. I've not seen a folder it didn't fit and for longer knives that might have thicker blade it not very good (or easy) solution as the angle will have too large difference between the ends of the blade and the part where you have the clamp attached to.

Hi... Has anyone discovered a good source of the stones for the DMT alignment system? I have the system [same feelings as most of you above, pretty good, but has some drawbacks], and want to get a couple of stones. All the vendors I've contacted want to sell me another aligner. I just want to buy some of the stones that fit the hand piece. Do any of you know who I might call?