do i need to take apart my folders for cleaning?

Mar 20, 2000
Hi all. I was reading in the general forum that tactical knives are made so that they can be easily disassembled for cleaning and adjusting.

Do you guys regularly take apart your knives to clean and adjust them?

Also, has anyone modified their Voyager so that the pivot is not so tight? How did you go about doing this?


Eric Chan,
ND student
On almost all the production tactical knives, you void the warranty by taking the knife appart. The companies do not encourage disassembly.
void smoid, now that benchmade sells a torx kit to tighten screws or adjust the pivot pin, how will they even know if you have taken your knife apart? no it's usually not necessary to take your knife apart to clean it, i've heard some people on bf to even put there foldres in the dishwasher and then dry them completely and relube them, it's all up to you, if you think you can take it apart and put it back together the right way then by all means go for it! it's not terribly difficult.

Speedtech recommends aerosol brake cleaner to clean the Synergy without dissassembly. I like to use the aerosol gun cleaning solvents on all my folder with non-organic materials for handle scales, then I spray them down with the compressed air for cleaning computers, then a light lube and I'm done. Of course the Sebenza is supposed to dissassembled for cleaning and lubing, so that's what I do for that one.
Only way to slick up a voyager is to use it.. it'll break in.
A lesson from experience, I would test somehow before using Brake Cleaners and Gun Scrubber sprays on my knives. I melted the plastic covers on a SAK that way. Also, don't forget most of that stuff is toxic.

Gun Scrubber works good - Carb Cleaner too...
Just hose it down and then wipe it down with an oiled cloth and your good as new.
It can be a real pain in the
to disassemble some folder. I found that a waterpic with warm water will clean most of the gunk out of those hard to reach places. After that I just use a hair dryer to quickly dry the knife and lube while still warm. Give it a try , it"s a real time saver.
Good Luck

Ray Carr

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I don't know if this will help or not, but.... I had the problem of not being able to get into the little areas to clean them. What I did was first, I took a Q-tip and ripped all of the cotton off. Sometimes this still isn't small enough. So, I bought a couple of tiny brushes. These brushes are the very fine ones that you're supposed to be able to stick in between your teeth, kind of as a floss alternative. I got mine at Wal-Mart. I know this is a little off topic, but it helps, great

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