Do we go for it?

Aug 1, 1999
Sure, go for it.

You'll need to nail down the performance parameters pretty tightly though. The definition of "custom" knife is a knife that is purpose built. It would seem to me it would be worth having a period for discussion regarding what the test and knife design parameters should be. You might also contemplate having more than one category (fighters, bowies, utilities, camp...) I would have to think the greatest challenge would come from widely conflicting demands.

Then you'll have to give us a little time to make it. Super Knife doesn't just sit on the shelf waiting for one of these contests to come along.

Jerry Hossom


Platinum Member
Jun 29, 1999

Absolutely agree.

I figured we could work on the details over a 2 week period, which would give everyone about 8 months to put together their version of a super knife. The pattern itself would be somewhat irrelevant since what we would be looking at would be the the maker's ability to match a requirement (and incidently the performance of specific materials and designs).