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Do You Carry Or Use Your Discontinued Models?

Mar 8, 2001
What's your opinion on carrying or using discontinued custom or production models? I have disconinued models that I do not carry or use like the Elishewitz Ghost, BM CQC7 & the Busse SH II. I'm assuming that the discontinued models could have some collector value so that's my reason for not carrying or usng them. What's your thoughts?
yes. i have a spyderco "flat iron folder" that is way discontinued, and may be rare but i dunno. i carry it and use it. i think of my knives as tools, since i don't own any artsy customs yet, so i might as well use them.
If they stopped making the Sebenza tomorrow, do you think that I would stop using mine because I might decrease the value of it? No way! What do I care how much a knife will be worth when I die? I have heard that there were very few of the Microtech LCC's made with "Lightfoot Compact Combat" etched on the blade rather than just "Lightfoot LCC". Might be worth more someday, maybe not. I just like the fact that I carry and use one of the first.
I carry everything I own from time to time. The Wood/Irie swing lock folders for example. No longer being made, NIB knives going for $500 or more. Still carry 'em. Great knives.
A discontinued knife is not always valuable. Often the model was popular simply because it was perceived as not being all that good. It should also be noted that if the discontinued model one owns is already used and broken in, the value probably won't be negatively affected by further use. Finally, you can't really predict which knives will become valuable. If you already think a knife will become valuable, you ought to put it away as soon as you get. If you have owned it and have used it already, don't worry, be happy.:D
I just modified a discontinued knife and I carry another daily. If you buy production folders as investments, and intend to keep them that way, you shouldn't use or carry them at all. I buy knives to use.
You mean like my Speedtech Synergy? Yep, it's still a part of my rotation.

Yes and no.

I have two microtechs, an early medium UDT and mini-socom that I just display. Never use them at all.

On the other hand I have a Benchmade Ascent that I used for quite a while before it was discontinued that I still use -- in fact it's my "hard use / I don't care" knife. Sees lots of abuse.

I carry and use my Benchmade CQC7's all the time, even though thye would be worth more if I didn't.

If you view knives as investments, by all means save them. If you view them as tools, then by all means use them.

Joe S.
Took me about a month of pretty serious looking to find my Calypso Junior in black micarta here on the Forums and I bought it specifically to be my EDC.

I found prices that ranged $60 so some people are definitely making more money on the discontinued models when they can find someone to pay it... My interest was every day use and less maintenance than the SS!

Also, I think it is kinda cool to be carrying and using a knife that someone can't say "Hey cool blade..." and just run to Wal-Mart and get one just like mine.

If you buy for investment, keep them NIB. If not enjoy using them
Dude, I carry my Spyderco worker and several discontinued Spydies on rotational basis.. Its fun cos the knives are for use.. ;)

I just bought a Microtech SE, although they are discontinued I plan to continue using it until the fricking thing breaks :) I have two areas of interest when it comes to knives. One are my users, which I research and buy with the specific intention of abusing. The other is my collection pieces. There are many production fixed blade models that I respect deeply for how they changed the knife industry, those I do not use at all. I know most people collect knives to make a profit down the road, however I'm well aware that most of my knives will never obtain really high collector's prices. All of the knives in my collection are ones that I've purchased for my own personal pleasure.
I have a NIB Benchmade CQC-7 in my gun safe, and it's been in residence there since 1995.

I originally got it as a back up to the one I was using as my EDC, but I never had an occasion to bring it out & use it.

Other than that one, all my other knives are currently in production, and get used frequently.
I received my straight handled Battle Mistress some time after they were discontinued and replaced with the E-models. The thought of not using it or turning around and selling it for more than I paid never crossed my mind. While I can enjoy a knife as an object it is the use or a knife that is so much more valuable to me.
I've carried some of my knives and some I have not.AS what has been said so far,if you intend to invest or want to maintain value out of your knives then keep them NIB.Some people get as much enjoyment just keeping them in a glass case as some do by using their knives.I would probably keep a knife unused if it had significant value like maybe a Loveless or perhaps not use a historically valuable knife or sword.I think it is a matter of opinion and some knives will never have a significant collector value no matter how old or discontinued they might be.In essence, decide what you want to get from owning a particular knife,and above all,do what makes you happy.
I carry them and use them....damn right!

(unless it's over a grand, it's got a good chance of being a user)

If I bought a Rolex or a Breitling, and then they discontinued, I'd still wear it.
Still using my Benchmade AFCK with the round hole. Then again it's been so much that it has no collector value left, and I'd be lucky to get 20 bucks for it on the for sale forum.
Essentially, I buy knives to use. There are a couple exceptions tho.

When SMKW had the CRKT Mirages on sale for $10 apiece, I bought 6, 2 of each size and plain edges and, I think, combo edges. I know they'll never increase much in value, but thought that someday I might try to make a little exhibit of/for them. I've always loved the blade shape, even tho the handle isn't as ergonomic as one could wish.

When I first heard that the CRKT Apaches were going to be discontinued, I wanted to buy one before they were gone. I can't remember all the details as to why now, but I bought a black-bladed, combo-edged copy. I don't much care for combo edges, and I know that most blade coatings get to looking like hell after some use. So, was surprised as the dickens when I got the knife how beautiful it seemed to me. I know I'm not in a large group feeling that way about that knife. But, I decided to keep it new, and bought a regular, PE model to use.

All my other knives I use to at least some degree. I'm so into my favorites now, that the others don't get much carry time.
Interesting question. I own a number of discontinued and rare models. The only one I will not use is my Spyderco Wayne Goddard C16S (the rare fully serrated model) with Micarta scales. My Sebenza is a numbered model, but it gets infrequent use, but some use none the less. My numbered 710 has yet to gave much use, got to change that;) !

I bought 2 of the limited edit EDC 154CM knives so one could be a keeper and the other a user. I still use my round hole 812 M2 AFCK.