Do you get angry when a knive isn't sharp out of the box?

Feb 21, 2005
I disagree. On the box it says, 'Benchmade Knives Are packaged Extremely Sharp', so it SHOULD be sharp. I have 4 Benchmades and they all came scary sharp. That's the way it should be.

They say that... but my old 710 was a butter knife out of the box. Ten minutes later it was a razor, but I was not impressed with BM's out of the box sharpness. Granted that's my only Benchmade, but I've sharpened a few Grips for friends that came out of the box dull.

The edge grinds were spot on, so it wasn't a big deal.


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Jun 29, 2007
Something I've been thinking about is this. When a person buys a knife either from a dealer or some kind of a retail store, is he getting the knife untouched since it left the factory or has it been played and toyed with? At SMKW, a huge retail store, they have a display / show knife of each knife they sell so when you want to see how the knife feels in the hand they hand you the "test" model to see. If you like the knife and if you decide you want to buy one, they hand you a new in the box model that hasn't been touched and played with. But how many other stores do this? A small retail store probably only stocks one of each model they sell and when a customer wants to see the knife they each handle the one thats for sale. After several people have handled, opened, tested it on their arms for sharpness, and who knows what else they do to it, they knife has been dulled somewhat for sure. Then when an actual buyer purchases the knife all he knows is he bought a dull knife that should have been sharp since it is "new" so to speak. Does anyone else see this as a possible answer to some knives not being sharp straight from the box?,,,VWB.
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Apr 5, 2007
I sharpen all my new knives to get the edge I want.
Sharpening customises my knife to what I want from it and how I will use it.
Buying a stockman is a great example of changing the bevels on the three blades to suit what I want from each blade.

I do not expect a knive to arrive sharp.
That said, I do expect a knife to arrive with a good even factory grind.

I then sharpen out the grind marks on the blade.
Or rebevel to suit my needs.

I do buy knives that I know will not come with a good factory grind
I buy Queen knives which I consider to be very good, but I know the chances are that I will need to rebevel them. (hello any one from Queen listening LOL)


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Sep 10, 2007
I don't get mad,just a little disappointed.However if I spent $300-$400 on a dull Sebenza or even more $$ on a William Henry,I would be a more than little pissed.
I like sharpening my knives,but expect a good working edge on any mid to high quality knife out of the box.
Nov 1, 2004
If it won't cleanly cut a sheet of paper, I'm annoyed that I have to hit it on the crock stick. If it will, then I strop it until it shaves hair. If it shaves shair, I'm happy.
Dec 11, 2006
If a knife is a little dull out of the box but has a good blade profile it doesn't bother me too much ...however...
I just got my father a MCusta gentleman's series folder and was extremely P.O'ed/dissapointed with the edge grind. One side of the knife was barely ground while the other waved like a lake, by this I mean near the handle it started shallow (~15 degree) got thick (~22 degree) and ended very shallow at the tip (~12 degree)
the worst edge grind I have ever seen from a (somewhat) reputable manufacture
At least I can fix it for him but you will never hear me recomend MCusta :thumbdn:
I am very dissapointed to have to say that:grumpy:
May 28, 2008
For a knife or knives turned out by the 100's a day like BM, Kershaw or Spyderco I could
see it happening now and then but for a knife that cost hundreds and production is
on the low side it's sad. Maybe they should charge extra for the edge.
Sep 5, 2006
I don't mind touching the edge up, if it doesn't need much and comes out hair popping sharp fast. I don't like the ones that aren't at all sharp and take forever.
What gets me madder than anything is to buy a knife with defects right out of the box. Such as a poorly finished blade surface (the most common minor flaw out the box IMO) showing light marks or scratches. I always turn them in good light and examine them carefully. Something very small I can live with (and I haven't sent but one knife back) but still it's nice to get one out the box in perfect shape.
Nov 25, 2005
It should be sharp out of the box. Most of us here have the means to get them sharper, and most of us do, but a new knife should be a sharp knife. I judge knife companies/makers, by how sharp their knives arrive.
Oct 30, 2006
You can see my collection here:

I have not needed to sharpen any of these knives at all! They came shocking sharp out of the box (even the Boker knives in 440C which were unbelievably sharp!).

So none of those knives required any sharpening EXCEPT one blade made of S30V steel.

That knife is the Leatherman Klamath (not pictured). It was not sharp at all and I've put it back in the box ready to go on eBay.

If knife manufacturers can't get a sharp edge with the grinder then something is terribly wrong....